You’re a whole different person when you’re scared (Warren Zevon & Hunter S. Thompson)

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I don’t own this song, but decided to share it for the memory of my favourite author HST.
Here are the lyrics:

You met her in a Turkish town
But you didn’t want to bring her here
You didn’t want her hanging around
In the Kingdom of Fear
So you left her there

You’re a whole different person
You’re a whole different person
You’re a whole different person
When you’re scared

The eagle screams on Friday
The Colts are doomed this year
The fat’s finally in the fire
In the Kingdom of Fear
Dangerous creeps are everywhere

You’re a whole different person…
When you’re scared

We have ways to make you talk
You won’t like at all
If you can’t run, walk
If you can’t walk crawl
But don’t look down
It’s a long, long fall
And you loved her in a Turkish town
But you didn’t want to bring her here
You didn’t want her hanging around
In the Kingdom of Fear
So you let left her there

You’re a whole different person…
You’re a whole different person when you’re scared

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23 Responses

  1. Elijah Skyeagle says:

    Warren and his wonderful way of expressing what we all.think and feel
    Warren addict and I'm not going to detox mansion just leave me like this.

  2. c sl says:

    I stumbled across this gem in the great Americana compilation "Both Sides Now: The Spirit of Americana" a few years back

  3. Lono Gonzo says:

    The Colts Are Doomed This Year….that's all ye need know…

  4. Jonny Parshall says:

    Why is Hunter credited? What was his contribution?

  5. Brody-Dog Productions says:

    My favorite author too

  6. Tom Mcfadden says:

    Timely. Miss you Warren. Sending lawyers, guns and money.

  7. Karen Hughes says:

    Hot DOG- I just now got the CD and hearing this song on bigass speakers is heavy and fantastic. A little Leonard Cohen influence but all about the voice~these two should still be collaborating, somewhere in the universe. I want to go there when it's time. yeah.

  8. Brian Grant says:


  9. nightgaunt800 says:

    You know the idea to do this came to Zevon one day when he was at Taco Bell with Thompson and Hunter drunkenly pointed a gun at him demanding to write a song.

  10. Brenda Harper says:

    Zevon and Hunter…the gods did it right, making them. See you again, soon, Warren. Lying goddam drs keep saying any day. I'm tired….

  11. Viktoria VanHolten says:

    Dangerous creeps are everywhere.

  12. Fox Watson says:

    Another Warren Zevon masterpiece! Thanks Hunter S.!

  13. weewilliewagtail says:

    Happy 10th, Warren

  14. MrDarkride13 says:

    Warren gets a pass. No matter what he did, he may pass. Stand aside.

  15. PAUL MEYERS says:

    Two of my heroes. Take care of them lord, or you'll have them on your hands, to paraphrase.

  16. Colette Bembenek says:

    American Masters – And aren't we a whole different person when we're scared? Yaz!

  17. Colette Bembenek says:

    P.S. The kingdom of fear……..creeps are everywhere……", good Gawd……"if you can't
    walk, crawl"……..these lyrics today make me a 'whole different person'….who wouldn't be
    'scared' in their own interpretation of this great song?

  18. ooonurse33 says:


  19. James Kohn says:

    I just finished reading "Hey Rube" a few days ago and now I have a different view of this song. He talks of Fear in many parts of his book. Plus, he tells of many sports wages and stories over the years. I love the line "The Colts are doomed this year" because it is so fitting after this past year in the NFL. Ho ho.

  20. Kevorn Daley says:

    Bless you, I waited an eternity to have this badass song uploaded. With two badass artists.

  21. Jeff Mach says:

    What a fantastic song this is. I miss both Warren and HST.

  22. Tony Wood says:

    Thank you Baby Jesus for Dr. Thompson and Warren Zevon and the World Wide Netweb and Mr mimiceffect.

  23. RR Vogt says:

    One of the best songs from the last 30 years.

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