Writing your Own Personal Commandments – Book Club for Babes

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Hey! This video is all about personal commandments that you can write for yourself to live a life more in line with your values. Personal commandments are really just ‘life rules’ that you’ve created for yourself. Usually, they’re one-sentence mantras.

I also go into a quick book review of Gretchen Rubens – The Happiness Project at the very end of the video for those of you that are in Book Club for Babes and want to stick around.

If you have a personal commandment that you carry with you, share it in the comments to inspire everyone who’s watching to create their own (or steal yours).

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31 Responses

  1. Thomas Foody says:

    Mine is something my German tutor said to us when I was at uni. It's really very stereotypically German: "Das Leben ist kein Kindergeburtstag", or "Life is not a children's birthday party". In essence, it basically means that life is not always going to be fun and games, sometimes it will be tough, and hard, but that is normal, for everyone. I've relied on that to give me some more motivation when times are challenging or I want to procrastinate a task that will be difficult. 
    Thanks for another great video!

  2. sannakoo says:

    My personal commandment is "Leave things better than you found them." It's in everything.

  3. Kariane Evergreen says:

    A boat is safer at the harbor, but that is not the purpose of a boat. Paulo Coehlo
    Makes you brave, imaginative, creative, minimalist, reasonable… Just pushes you to bettering yourself 🙂

  4. GenreChowderStudios says:

    I don’t have an actual line for this one, but it’s an idea I try to live by: “Why do you want to do that? Why do you REALLY want to do that? Is it purely because you’re angry? Then don’t do it.”

    Almost anything worth doing can be done in a courteous, diplomatic, and levelheaded way. Feeling anger is one thing, but letting it make you do (or say) something toxic and destructive is unacceptable. Of course, to err is human, and there are extenuating circumstances that make this point rather moot, but that stupid thing that one guy said that one time is not an extenuating circumstance.

    I’m not even an angry person, per se, but I am flippant and irritable, which can almost turn into the same thing…

  5. sídhe wen says:

    Did you ever make that "your very own happiness project" video? If yes,then I must have missed it and could you link to it in the video please?:) If not, is that a video you'd still like to make? Cos it's one I'd like to see:)

  6. Annelise Markussen says:


  7. Sara Hjort says:

    Don't regret past decisions, make new ones

  8. Nataliia Kharlamova says:

    The ones who have a privilege to know, have a duty to act

  9. Trying to Mom says:

    I’m pretty sure the nothing good after 2am rule is from how I met your mother lol words to live by

  10. T says:

    "Be so completely yourself that everyone feels safe to be themselves too"

  11. Sig Drusko says:

    My personal commandment is 'Be the woman your grandad thought you were'.
    My pop was one of the most inspiring and warm people I've come across and to him I was his sunshine, he was so proud of my accomplishments and so gentle with my failures. If I was doing something that he knew went against my moral code he would ask "Is what you are doing making you happy?" And if I didn't answer or said no he would say "then use that beautiful brain to figure out how to change that". I am so proud of who I have grown into now and I believe the self reflection and accountability that he guided me to do plays a huge role in that.

  12. Vanshikalikestowrite says:


  13. Erin Awesom says:

    One of my commandments is "always be kind" I always try to remember that the person in front of me may not be having the best day, week, year even. We all have crappy stuff we have to deal with and if we all just try to be a little kinder to one another more often I think that we can really make difference in someones life.

  14. millie nettleton says:

    The "you can't control what people do, only how you react one" is something i adopted into my life last year and that stuff really is life changing. Another is, if complaining isn't making you feel better, it's probably because you know it's unfounded and you're simply feeling sorry for yourself (ie my housemate never does the dished and now the house is a tip= I cant be arsed to do the dishes either)

  15. Inversionary says:

    The video and this thread are life-changing!

  16. Super Mum Society says:

    Be Jessica (insert your own name) I was finding myself doing this that didn't fit with who I was or wanted to be. Remembering to be me has been amazing over last couple of weeks and I'm much happier already. x

  17. Lauren Alexander says:

    If you wait till you're ready, you'll be waiting your entire life.

  18. Catherine B says:

    1:46 brag or not, no worries. You put out a wholesome, sensible message.

  19. Vida Dreams says:

    ◇ Have no regrets, everything happens for a reason ◇

  20. Shaadi Sapne Aur Gupshup says:

    Been waiting for your video! This is yet another amazing video of yours! 🙂

  21. Amiera Syuhada says:

    Fake it till u make it

  22. Jade Karini says:

    When i do good i feel good
    When i do bad i feel bad
    And that is my religion
    Abraham Lincoln

  23. Nana says:

    I'm amazed by how you kept making bad content all this time.

  24. Afton Lin says:

    My personal commandment is "Since you can't change the past then you might as well learn from it"

  25. Sarah Bartle says:

    “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough,” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. I remind myself this when I become fearful of trying new things, specifically important and life-changing decisions. :))

  26. Gayle Riley says:

    Always be humble and kind

  27. thisisnothollywood says:

    I do remind myself frequently of things like "if you have forgotten about it in 5 years, don't worry or be angry about it longer than 5 minutes" or "I don't compare myself to others but to my former selfs", also "only spent your calories on things worth it" 😀

  28. La Ivana says:

    The end was so cute haha I love your energy, you're such a lovely person 🙂

  29. Mahrukh Khurshid says:

    I have two that I live by pretty much everyday. First one is 'God is the author of my story, but I'm the hero in it' I was going through a really difficult time, but was trying my best not to let it affect my professional life, I met up with my best friend for a coffee and she was asking me how the heck I was coping, and for some reason this was the sentence that came out of my mouth; this probably resonates more with religious people, but you can really adapt it to how you want. For me it's a big comfort knowing someone's watching me and being able to have faith that things will pick up, but also knowing that I do have the power and strength to change my life if I really try.

    The second one is 'If you make your happiness someone else's responsibility, prepare to be disappointed'. I've realised that if you look for your inner happiness in others, you may find short-term and fragile relief. Everyone's human, and humans have flaws, just because you may be hurt by someone's actions doesn't necessarily mean they're a villain. But if you want something that lasts longer and is harder to break, you need to create it yourself. Your life and your happiness is your own responsibility, and once you realise that, it's both really empowering and doesn't allow to be resentful towards others and be toxic.

  30. Kat Paul says:

    "Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." -Mother Teresa

  31. Lumary says:

    Love the video! My Motto is Be like the Person you want to meet

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