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In this edition of “Readus Rites,” I kick off National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) by explaining how I decide on writing a series. I talk about the two ways I found about how I decide to turn a story into a series idea, and how I go about making the appropriate changes and applying the appropriate tactics to make it work.

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11 Responses

  1. Curt Clark says:

    I'm ideologically a series guy, but in practice I've barely completed anything in 15+ years of writing. >.>

    Block seems to be a common problem, as does second-guessing every decision I make or reading over what I've written and going, "hmm, that's problematic/cliche, better try something else."

    About a week ago, I got a request for a continuation of a story I posted online about 4 years ago. I was eager to do it at the time, but when I sat down and looked at what I'd written…I knew where I had planned to go, but had no idea how to make the journey interesting. I'm still sitting on barely 2 paragraphs of "new" work, trying to force something out of my head that I don't immediately hate.

  2. Kieshaleigh says:

    The story I'm working on started as a one shot. Then a prequel came and slapped me in the face. So, now I have ideas for a prequel for a story I haven't written yet.

  3. Suricato de Asalto says:

    I started a one shot noir story a couple years ago, and I've kept on using the world it's set on ever since, so it's not really a series, just a collection of stories following the same character in the same world, but most (if not all) can be read on their own

  4. Jaysiel Lopez says:

    No body wants to be dark universe

  5. Stray Dog says:

    This is my first year participating, but I've missed two days so far. I'm not sure if I'm doing either of the two techniques mentioned in the video. My biggest inspirations are easily comics and anime, and what I'm doing is what I can only call serialized novellas. Each story is 12 to 50 pages and largely self contained, but build off of each previous installment. I do largely wing it, but I plant seeds for future potential stories along the way. Unfortunately, I constantly need to reread previous editions to ensure continuity. But, at the end of the day, I'm having a lot of fun with this and I'm excited to see where it leads.

  6. Kael says:

    I used to only write one-shots, but have since moved on to only writing series, and I'd like for it to be a mix thank you please. Because I can't write five million series at the same time.

  7. SomeGuy says:

    The advice "Just write." Is so indicative of my problem. For a long time, I've had Ideas of what I could write In terms of "Oh this is cool I like this stuff I'm thinking of." So I started writing some of this stuff, but my greatest challenge is finding a good rhythm of keeping myself in the mood to write to be edited and fine-tuned later. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, so there are times I'll write up a few sentences then I'll be in thought of what I could do in that present point then think "Hmm that sounds a bit off." so I go back to those sentences for fixing.

  8. Craig Caldwell says:

    I've always prefered a mix of one shot and series. Like for instance I've always enjoyed oneshots that get revisited (as in its the same story) but it takes place from a different perspective. Like I havent seen a movie or game or book thats done this. Well theres Lion King1/2 but I dont think that one added anything to the overall story. I've always wanted a story retold but maybe from the antagonist perspective, flipping both the perspective of events and roles (i.e. antagonist becomes protagonist and vise versa). I suppose the Hannibal Lecter tried to do this to an extent. Its a neat idea that could add branches to what may seem like a singular event and you could make it branch out more and more as more perspectives are added.

  9. BlizzardSiya16 says:

    Usually I prefer writing one-shots (very long one-shots but they are single nonetheless), though I do have a series that I'm working on as well. Most of my ideas simply work better in the single container rather than arcing over several.

  10. Blue-Eyes Black Wolf says:

    While I have no preference for one over the other, I will admit that writing one-shots is harder, as every attempt I've ever made at one accidentally turned into a series down the line at some point.

  11. Richard Anthony Morris says:

    I prefer one shots, but I accidentally started a story universe as NaNoWriMo went on. Characters from one book slightly leak over into the others. So yeah, it's more of a universe than a series.

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