World of Strange Powers – 04 Stigmata The Wounds Of Christ

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Arthur C Clarke’s World of Strange powers.
Old series about the “Strange Powers” in the world.
Even with this low video quality, I really enjoyed the subjects, Arthur’s narration and explanations.

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8 Responses

  1. Michael Everest says:

    I don't know what her wounds are, but what a great way to control people and have them at your mercy. Sums up Religion.

  2. andrewhii says:

    My God!!! I wish these frauds would stop making a mockery of our Lords wounds!!!!

  3. John Brown says:

    Too much bible thumping.

  4. Bo Samy says:

    kundalini awakening

  5. Paloma Love says:

    FALSE… ONLY Jesus had these types of wounds. God or Jesus doesn't give these kinds of sufferings to anyone. 100% a FRAUD!!!

  6. Joe 04 says:

    What a fucking mockery ! This bitch needs to get laid big time !

  7. Chris Lightfoot says:

    What a load of CRRRRRAAAAAPPPPPP

  8. Steel Fury says:

    Arthur C Clarke is a baddas!

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