Why Should I Go to a Liberal Arts College?

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Is there any benefit to going to a Liberal Arts college? Do they offer anything that state schools don’t? Are they worth the tuition money?

My family is pushing me to go to a couple of specific schools. Why should I go to a liberal arts college?

You want to go into burger flipping after going 30K in debt, instead of starting your career four years sooner and debt free.

They think a liberal arts school ensures that you are well-rounded.

Funny idea that spending 40K or more makes you well-rounded, instead of just socializing with people outside of your comfort zone and reading a lot of different books.

Liberal arts degrees are prestigious. They can help your career.

Unless you are going to Harvard, Yale, Princeton or another top level Ivy League school, the liberal arts degree literally has little value.

Except that it teaches you to think.

How many colleges set up free speech zones, ignoring the fact that they deny free speech? Or teach diversity seminars that create stereotypes that all whites are racist and Asians aren’t really minorities because they actually push kids to study hard and do well?

Some of the schools have really cool architecture.

That their really high tuition pays for. Or are you such as Harry Potter fan that you’ll pay extra to live somewhere that looks like Hogwarts?

It can prep you for a law degree.

Have you read all those blogs on how much of a rip off law school is? Try reading stuff like that instead of modern American literature.

I could meet people with a lot of potential.

If you are going for an MRS instead of a BS, go into engineering before dropping out and entering business. You’ll be outnumbered by guys 10 to 1 and they’ve all got good career prospects.

I don’t want to end up with a philosophy degree with a minor in petroleum engineering.

You’ll get just as much respect for that as a minor in Russian literature. Actually, probably more, because you actually took a few math classes and might be able to balance a budget.

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  1. Cassie Becker says:

    Liberal arts colleges have more than just liberal arts degrees. UNCA is North Carolina's designated public liberal arts college, yet its chemistry program is accredited by the American Chemical Society

  2. MrMeat42 says:

    "You flip burger!"
     -Yeow Siow, PhD Mechanical Engineering

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