“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” — Main Title, composed by Alex North

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My favorite play, written by Edward Albee.
My favorite movie, directed by Mike Nichols.
And also, my favorite soundtrack. Composed by Alex North.
Does it get any better than this?

No copyright infringement intended. This score was composed by Alex North, who also did the music for “Streetcar.” I think he did an amazing job.

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42 Responses

  1. Sandovictor Hugo says:

    Un filme maravilloso y cruel al mismo tiempo. La musica de North sigue viva en obras tan extraordinarias como A streetcar named desire y the misfits.

  2. MJT says:

    That is one amazing film.

  3. Spaziergängerin Von Sans Souci says:

    absolutly wonderful! Liz Taylor was just outstanding in this role…!!

  4. Lukas Miller says:

    "George, who is somewhere out there in the dark, who is good to me and whom I revile. Who does everything in his power to make me happy and I do not wish to be happy. Who can learn the games as quickly as I can invent them. Someday…I will push him too far. George and Martha…sad, sad, sad. Whom I will not forgive for having seen thus and saying 'Yes, this will do.'"

  5. AbrahamDiner says:

    Alex North my favorite Hollywood composer, yet thie theme lacks the beautiful melodies he composed for the 1960 film THE MISFITS starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable.

  6. Frankster200277 says:

    This song is beautiful and so fitting for the film

  7. Rastan22 says:

    It sounds like the best Haendel, Boccherini or Vivaldi. Amazing music. Amazing film. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mark Fields says:

    Did you know that Alex North the composer studied at The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia?

  9. Billy W says:

    it's ok to be afraid….when we resist the groundlessness of life that is the real problem—-life is raw, sad, tragic but ultimately beautiful if you accept suffering. don't pity martha and george. at least they aren't repressed zombies in suburbia

  10. Ko Zushi says:

    " I am afraid, George…."

  11. Hilary Dent says:

    What a remarkable play…flawless performances in the movie plus a moving theme tune. Is it possible to top this fantastic psychological drama ? Martha set the stakes very high. I hope they survive many more battles.

  12. raul mena says:

    great movie

  13. carlos javier guzman says:

    That sounds like Haendel. Very Beautifull theme!

  14. Elizabeth Lilley says:

    I just found myself singing this in the kitchen and had to remember what it was from. Also one of my favorite soundtracks that so few remember. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Alexandros Deligiorgis says:

    Α marvellous score and a very great film. For you, me, us and … for all times.

  16. Austin Scheller says:

    +poetcomic1 Hello, I know that your post is quite old, but I'm hoping you're still around for a conversation. I'm very curious about your suggestion that this movie is a Catholic one. Would you be willing to share what makes you think that way? Do you really consider it a Catholic film, or merely one which has a special appeal for Catholics?

  17. Andrew Williams says:

    Soothing to the ear, and to the soul, intentionally evoking compassion and understanding for human misery This piece of music has been banging around in my head practically my entire life. Thank you for posting.

  18. Steve Price says:

    just an absolutely devastating score to a fantastic film. Heartbreaking, raw and real. Movies are not the same anymore.

  19. cybermodo says:

    Beautiful art in all departments.

  20. raul mena says:

    great movie

  21. Otto Manjarres Bravo says:

    Excellent soundtrack, strong and gentle

  22. TWD66 says:

    Greetings, as it happens, just today I felt the urge to remind myself a little of Virginia Woolf.
    Needless to say I was glad to find your post 🙂

  23. musicaenlaniebla says:

    TWD66 Greetings from Lima, Perú. I agree with you that this music contains many feelings, but also opens the doors to Hope. It sounds a little like the symphonies of Bach's cantatas. Of course I don't mean that Alex North is simply copying Bach. Bach's music spreads beams of hope in the midst of sadness, and so Alex North's music.
    I've just found this movie today in the morning (on TV), & I ran to You Tube to hear again this magnificent music. Thanks.

  24. raul mena says:

    beutiful movie

  25. poetcomic1 says:

    Thanks! A beautiful RELIGIOUS film about the sanctity of the marriage vows and the hunger for the miraculous innocence and renewal that is a child. In case you missed it George Segal and Sandy Dennis are the REALLY dysfunctional couple in this and this and when she says "I want to have a baby" there is hope for them. The North score is as sombre and exquisite as Gregorian chant.

  26. Tony Kulas says:

    and this piece will ultimately precede my 1 month hospital stay…. I will miss everything but, maybe have my brain back. maybe I can walk, shoulder with George and Martha again……

  27. johnsax1445 says:

    Alex North achieved something great with this. A very difficult play to score, and he pulled it off magnificently.

  28. Douglas Soesbe says:

    one of the great scores of all time.

  29. john smith says:

    This movie should be required viewing for people who are contemplating marraige. it should be written into law.

  30. Tony Kulas says:

    I've contemplated a reply to this post for months. I didn't want to be accused of Hepburn bashing. But I firmly believe that "Sophie's Choice -Meryl Streep" and then Taylor in this are the best two acting performance of a century!!! But I still love Hepburn especially for The Philadelphia Story and On Golden Pond and the Lion Winter…..

  31. Farnham Scott says:

    Alex North was among the finest of film and stage composer's. Recently his incredible flute theme for DEATH OF A SALESMAN was re-used in Mike Nichol's new production.

  32. Alfie Flynn Boyd Millar says:

    Liz finally outdoes Kate Hepburn sooooo very much, the former seems like a rank amateur!

  33. poetcomic1 says:

    The Catholic view of life is intrinsically humorous and lively. We all know about the Catholic 'hatred for homosexuals'. In the worst days of AIDS in the eighties in NYC, Catholic nuns and charities took care of more indigent dying AIDS patients than anyone else. Far more.

  34. poetcomic1 says:

    This is one of the great Catholic films of all time. The North scores captures the secret life of this compassionate work. Marriage and children are the two sacred 'touchstones' and mysteries of human our life. The Church loves no one so much as damaged hopeless sinners. Compared to this film 'The Passion of Christ' is an S&M cult film for the likes of Mel Gibson, a movie maker with a strange 'passion' for showing handsome young men hideously tortured naked in close up. Don't ask.

  35. jennifer86010 says:

    Martha's actual script line was….."the insulting mistake of loving me. I must be punished for it." Additionally, Alex North's best music is not the beginning or ending theme of this film. His best work is the music score played very softly underneath the most dramatic scenes….Martha's speech about their imaginary son, and her total emotional breakdown near the end. This was GOOD film music. It is subtle and supportive to the character's emotional expression. – Dennis Edwards

  36. TWD66 says:

    Thank you for posting this beautiful theme, DivaBehavior.

    Is this music sad, appeased, loveful, desperate, nostalgic ? I cannot tell.
    In many ways, it reflects the contradictory feelings of the characters.

    Martha, about George : "Who has made the hideous, the hurting, the insulting mistake of loving me. And must be punished for it."

  37. TheMartinick says:

    R.I.P. dear Elizabeth and Richard. LS

  38. jradetzky says:

    Getting old scared the shit out of me. I don't wanna get fucking old. I'll kill myself before I become like one of these sad characters

  39. Mike Milligan says:

    Yes, Diva, I found her 32 years ago. We listened to this song together yesterday.

  40. Mike Milligan says:

    Thanks for letting me hear again, 44 years on, this beautiful theme of love in middle age. At 22, I hoped that one day I'd hum this tune, strolling next to an old wife as plain as I am and who loves me as much as I love her. North composed this music to express his belief that love is durable, surviving tumult, even violence. No joyride, but worth the effort.

  41. Colleen Schukei says:

    this is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I had no idea!! Thank you so much for posting. What a lovely score.

  42. There51 says:

    Úma canção para a alma!

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