Werner Herzog Interview on Charlie Rose

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  1. ジョネーJonét says:

    His voice is so sexy.

  2. Matejko108 says:

    what does Christian Bale say about him around 18:18? obtuse?

  3. John W MacDonald says:

    I've watched Fitzcaraldo quite a few times now, including this evening. I always find it uplifting when Kinski's character achieves some semblance of his dream at the end – the best we can all hope for, I feel. At the same time it's hard not to marvel the futile act of carrying the boat over the mountain. If the story had come from a novel, Herzog was replicating the insanity. Marvelous.

  4. Randy Karnell says:

    Reminding me of the scintillating performances of one Brad Dourif – IMHO our greatest LIVING American actor.

  5. Randy Karnell says:

    Werner pulling greatness out of the amazing Mick Jagger – unbelievably-authentic performance –

  6. Randy Karnell says:

    "Why was his directing Nicholas Cage?"

    at 17:05.

    One of Nick's best-ever films – probably his best according to WH.

    WHY was it Nick's (maybe) BEST performance EVER?

    "I challenge them (the actors) – I take them to places they've never before BEEN…"

    (subsequent Christian Bale interview confirming such)

  7. Randy Karnell says:

    Reminds me of this dude Donnie DeLonge.

    aka Donnie DeLength.

    Forever in search…

    of a "Deeper Truth" i.e. at about 16:00 minutes or so.

    Incredible piece and interview – maybe Charlie Rose's best-ever.

  8. Randy Karnell says:

    Werner at 15:21 on his general (directorial) attitude towards subject matter:

    "I want to be the Hornet that goes in…Stings…"


  9. Randy Karnell says:

    @ 14:11 re "Conquest of the Useless," only a Superman like Werner Herzog could come up with such a phrase. To perfectly capture the horrors WH encountered on this one film. "Conquest of the Useless,' i.e. getting a ship over a mountain etc. How many times have I FELT this re: my own life. You spend 1, 3, 5, 10 years trying to conquer, say, the game of basketball. When it ends you're like what was I thinking. It eludes me how someone can express themselves so eloquently as a general
    behavioral trait? Have only seen/heart one another DO this – i.e. the great writer Samson Raphaelson. Everything
    and anything out of their mouths – an instant quote.

  10. Chris Lol says:

    Herr Herzog, (just so you know,) the man you're in conversation with, as we have recently learned, is an absolute pig–considering how he treats women.

  11. Elcore says:

    Herzog's Fitzcaraldo with Jason Robards and Mick Jagger = the best movie never made. The way he pursued his dream and made the best of a bad situation with Kinski, and the way that he looks back on the misfortunes he suffered without regret, is a better lesson in living than the film itself could ever have taught.

  12. Joegeorge says:

    He's a brilliant film maker no doubt. about it.

  13. Musicman46 says:

    I read the book of which they speak…GREAT PROSE from a very twisted mind! READ IT [email protected]!

  14. Musicman46 says:

    Herzog is the funniest existentialist philosopher/filmaker in the world today! What a brain!

  15. jude999 says:

    Very nice, unassuming man. He signed a baseball for me in Memphis.

  16. sclogse1 says:

    Met him in S.F. and got to ask him a question or two. That was probably around 2005 or so.

  17. Walter Levesque says:

    By the way i hate Christian baile

  18. Walter Levesque says:

    He did horid things to create his films. And i love him for it.

  19. karen maggs says:

    Thanks for the Uoload.

  20. TG Molitor says:

    Thanks for the upload. Always interested in what Herzog has to say.

  21. jude999 says:

    date of interview?

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