We Remember Maya Angelou

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We know why the caged bird laughs.

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We Remember Maya Angelou | Adult Swim

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41 Responses

  1. The Big Ragu says:

    I think I hear Al Sharpton!

  2. STDrepository says:

    I don't get it…   whats the joke?

  3. K Viper says:

    Let's continue to teach young kids and young adults to have no reverence for anything, nothing is sacred, everything can be taken lightly. Not like kids today already lack respect for anything and everything. Black kids barely know any of their own history as it is, good show Adult Swim, bringing them a perverted version of it, at the expense of their own cultural identity. Anything for a buck, truly the path to a social utopia. But remember, what goes around, comes around. Your little gated communities and big houses of brick and mortar are not going to protect you from what you helped create. See you soon. 

  4. K Viper says:

    Real fucking classy, you fucking scumbags. 

  5. KlunkerRider says:

    I walked into a bar in Scotland. As I sat there an old man at the bar looked at me and said "You see this bar, I made it, I cut the wood with my own two hands. I put more love into it than for my own children…but do they call me McTavish the bar-maker? No!" He pointed to a stone wall, "You see that wall, I made it, I quarried the stones with my own two hand, I put more love into it than for my own children, but do they call me McTavish the wall-maker? NOOO !!!……but ya fuck one goat……"

  6. KlunkerRider says:

    A man walks into a bar and says, "My dog doesn't have a nose"
    Bartenders says "How does he smell?"

  7. KlunkerRider says:

    A priest, a rabbi and a leprechaun walk into a bar. The leprechaun looks around and says, "Saints preserve us! I'm in the wrong joke!"

  8. datari says:

    I don't get it.

  9. alex chalakee says:

    There was no expoding heads.

  10. ThePromisedWLAN says:

    The video is mildly amusing. But the butthurt comments are hilarious.

  11. PugsnHugs says:

    I don't get how this is funny…..

  12. CLYDESDALE says:

    Bill Clinton thought it was good.

  13. John W. says:

    Tyler Perry would be proud!

  14. Brandon Bailey says:

    inappropriately funny

  15. Lord Jock says:

    Eh ? I dont get it .

  16. Lady Cheyne says:

    As a strong black woman, this poem has inspired me to run down to my local hood mart, purchase a 40 of Schlitz Malt liquor and a black n mild, then twerk all the way home. Preach!

  17. JGore says:

    I dont give a fuck so u can shut the f up and the comment wasnt 2 u irrelevant ass.

  18. ManlyChicken says:

    Funny gal.

  19. dallen33 says:

    That's some disrespectful shit right there.

  20. Mystline18 says:

    Never 5get

  21. George Medina says:

    This is fucking gold

  22. swedish house mafia says:

    looked so real until you realize the chin is floating

  23. Johnny Dee's #1 Fan says:

    Funniest shit ever

  24. drewzi says:

    To soon

  25. uberdude102 says:

    Another Great Moment in Adult Swim History this will have you Maya out

  26. StarCrusher says:

    Too soon

  27. iamlarryjones jr. says:

    How about yall axe The Boondocks until you guys learn to get along with mcgruder. You're ruining the legacy!

  28. Rara31393 says:

    This is horrible I didn't expect them to create such shit. It's so sad.

  29. donspew says:

    I cried

  30. fuzzylumpkin49 says:

    Love it. ^_^

  31. Baron says:


  32. PubicSavant says:

    I'm shocked they didn't have loiter squad shit on her head…oh, wait…that might be funny. nvm.

  33. Sebastien Napoleon says:


  34. Meatshovel Vids says:

    Too soon?

  35. EvolMuzik4ever says:

    So inspirational…

  36. Wombat Astronaut says:

    Heart warming. Maya Angelou always touches me.

  37. Hashiriyaa says:

    What? O.o

  38. Hugh Honey says:

    That  was beautiful.

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