Video Review for How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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This is video review for the book How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie produced by Callibrain, employee engagement through social collaboration and execution discipline.

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38 Responses

  1. Juliette says:

    the best review of this book of all youtube 🙂 thanks so much !

  2. Your Friendly Neighbourhood - John says:

    great job!

  3. Nora Shine says:

    Thank you, I found this summary very helpful. I have not read the book, and wondered what points were made.

  4. Rakesh Vaidya says:

    Great work , very good summary

  5. Samantha Atamian says:

    I have a question regarding chapter 1. I do not own a large company, just a girl reviewing ways that she could be more professional and approachable inside and outside of the work environment. I cannot recount of a time where I had insulted someone to their face via condemning, criticizing or complaining. However, sometimes I do condemn, criticize or complain about someone or something to another person (often times coworkers). I do not like engaging in this behavior because I know I'm talking behind someone back. Although, every now and then you get a coworker who disrespects you and I need to release you're anger and talk it out with another person. Is this acceptable behavior because it is not directly with the person at hand? Or does this violate the lesson that Carnegie was trying to instill?

  6. Aziza Ben says:

    The most organized book review I ever seen. Thanks! I wonder if you could add examples

  7. baldy hardnut says:

    This book has truly changed my life. Now eighty percent of people women or men want to know me and want to be part of my life.

  8. baldy hardnut says:

    Need to brainwash myself with this amazing shortcut content of this book.

  9. Trevor Gumbie says:

    Brilliant video! What a creative way of summarizing the book. I am even thinking of printscreening and printing this summary for reference. Thank you and well done.

  10. All Can Excel *Abhinay Irala* says:

    good video

  11. Tzefira F. says:

    I tried to listen to the book once, found it boring. But I like your cliff notes.

  12. Fiveminded says:

    Classic book! Still relevant. Nice presentation.

  13. JonathanAnon says:

    I've read the book a few times, and this is an excellent synopsis of the book. If I'm honest I cant help but slightly agree with poster below about the suggested title of "How To Kiss People's Ass". It is all about pandering to the other person's needs, wants and ego.

  14. ItsEdBro says:

    Dude you have a gift. This video helped me great.

  15. Tricia Adams says:

    Would like to present something like this for a book report I have to do on this book. Is there a particular app to use?

  16. Ron says:

    This book's name should be changed to 'How to Kiss People's ASS"

  17. Iris Pearl says:

    I came here cuz the beginning of the book says to first get a quick overview of the book! Nice summary! I just finished don't criticize or condemn.

  18. Nicole Bolo says:

    Hey, great video! Just finished the book last month and watching this video makes me feel like I'm in a book club of some sort. Thanks! Awesome drawings too! 🙂

  19. Karen Samuels says:

    Awesome presentation. I'm a visual learner so the drawings were spot on for me. I'm about to read the book. Your presentation has made me want to start reading it sooner. Thanks so much. Really appreciate this video.

  20. Binod Maharjan says:

    Such a great video.. Thnx for this

  21. NepaleseProsperity Swiftyyy says:

    throw down a challenge??what's that?? I can't really get that,. 🙁

  22. NepaleseProsperity Swiftyyy says:

    truly I appreciat this video.GOOD JoB!!! guess the book is very inspiring…gonna read this book.

  23. Jason Meyer says:

    That poster you created to so cool I would love to get a copy and hang it in my office!

  24. Ron Timmons says:

    glad you posted this

  25. T says:

    this is a summary not a review

  26. Ondrus21 says:

    If your nature doesn't allow you to get ANY or very few friends, these advices are useless. The only thing which could help would be a complete change of yourself, which is unfortunately unfeasible. No book or psychologist will help in such case.

  27. Anaximandro Andrade says:

    Awesome!!!…watched this review before and after reading the book…and will se it again for remembering purpose

  28. Leslie Williams says:

    I'm currently reading this book and find it quite interesting,,,

  29. Linda Y says:

    Awesome review. Many thanks!!

  30. Olivier Prud'homme says:

    This is just a great summary! I keep re-watching it from time to time ! thank you , much appreciated !

  31. T Hill says:

    great review, thanks.

  32. Christian bidinger says:

    Nicely done!!!!

  33. Cool Dude says:

    All the people in my school are total douchebags and I don't wanna be friends with something like that but I'm desperate what do I do? And don't say I got to start acting like them or encouraging their BAD ideas

  34. Jerardo Martin says:

    Reading this book has got me out of getting tickets after being pulled over and getting clients for my business. Great book and easy read.

  35. Grindlays Regency Hotels says:

    great work. loved it

  36. Marcio Pinheiro Costa says:

    Great !!!

  37. egal says:

    So southern.

  38. Marjorie Hunt says:

    I love how you illustration of the different part in this book.
    The book is great and it has helped me a lot.
    Thank you.

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