Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Bill Dickens, Oteil Burbridge Bassday 1996 pt1

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Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Bill Dickens, Oteil Burbridge Bassday 1996

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25 Responses

  1. slvrizgold says:

    This is totally badass musicianship. You could be in the worst depressive state and this would put a big smile on your face!

  2. Prometheus All says:

    I am speechless. . . . . . . I gotta get back into playing my bass again. . . . this so motivating

  3. Wizdumb says:

    The older I get the more I realize Bill Dickens was playing some amazing shit here..

  4. Joel Maldonado says:

    El buda los hizo pedazaos

  5. Andrew Gonzales says:

    everyone got smoked!

  6. Jim Cox says:

    I was THERE!  I wired the Bill Dickens bass when I worked for Bill Conklin back in 1994-96.  Bill D is a great dude. Confident but never cocky, and a great player!

  7. Neeraj Shetty says:

    oteeeil, buddha, so much dopeness

  8. tracy smith says:

    I have no ideal why that white boy was there,i guess they just wanted another color on stage.

  9. Eugene Speer says:

    Right when you think youre getting good on bass, you watch something like this. lol  Awesome players.  An inspiration to all musicians alike.

  10. Trent Martin says:

    I think I'm most impressed with Steve Baily and Dickens here, as compared to the rest. Can't say I dig the singing.

  11. Trent Martin says:

    Why does Oteil have a King Diamond inlay on his bass fingerboard?

  12. terry driver says:

    stop that who is better bullshit,,,, there is no such thing as competition in real music,,,
    competition is for beginners,,,,
    don't u see they are united and having fun,,, enjoy the awesome playing

  13. Afrosmitty125 says:

    Oteil's scat-on-bass sync is amazing and inspirational

  14. reggie johnson says:

    just because they are well know and when they hear them play they wanna hear what they wanna hear.instead of not acknowledging that they are all musicians and not the same and its not about them and what they want to hear they are gonna play what they feel as well as having fun and not trying to out due each other in a solo., and just because it does not sound good to them does not mean it goes for everybody else.

  15. reggie johnson says:

    exactly its funny how they say that bill makes noise with his triplets but Vic does exactly the same with his double thumbing…whats the difference?its still fast.. and all of that.not a competition at me it takes that as there signature move's.cause each time they play slap solos they both never leave that part out in there playing me if they don't like bill the.that's too bad.this is what happens when certain people get ahead them selves and have high expectations for them

  16. Blaqc Rain says:

    By the way…. i didnt know Drake played the bass?! lol

  17. Blaqc Rain says:

    Yo, look at Oteil's face at 4:07…. that tells you all you need to know about Bill Dickens! ….crazy triple notes

  18. 87_classic says:


  19. BassToTheFaceMan says:

    I say this to the people who think there's a competition between them (buiderpower see below). They are both very different and if you can't hear that then you're not qualified to give an opinion. I wish I had enough room here to share the whole experience that night but if you seen and heard what I did, there would be know doubt to the arguers that Bill is on different plane then others. There should be no contest between them and there isn't… I shared that FOR THE HATERS. Truth written here.

  20. 87_classic says:

    steve i dont no why he was even there lol

  21. 87_classic says:

    and yes 4 strings vs what 9 smh vic the best! ever!

  22. 87_classic says:

    bill is not better that vic vic is more clean and changes notes bill sound sloppy when he was trying to battle

  23. Bayani8 says:

    What, really? But Vic looks up to Bill. No reason why the guy should be a hater ya know?

  24. BassToTheFaceMan says:

    Vic can't hang with Bill… I witnessed Bill blow Vic out the building in Nashville at BB Kings in 2006 so bad Vic packed up his bass and didn't even finish the show. He left out the back he was so pissed! Victors ego is as big as Bill's talent and that is HUGE! Steve needs to break his ties with Vic and realize he is talented enough to have a career separate from Vic's shadow.

  25. Bayani8 says:

    Dude….. i love Victor Wooten….but damn….Bill Dickens is on another fucking planet dude….

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