Unis Pong at CES 2019: The classic gets a makeover IRL

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10 Responses

  1. Jane Smitherson says:

    Major delay…over priced toy.

  2. Zim Gaming says:

    no thanks

  3. andrearusky says:

    very cool, but you two guys are terrible at playing it!!!

  4. MrNosugarcoating says:

    I can already tell this will have quality issues over months of use.

  5. CoinOpTV says:

    gotta say the lag time on this make it seem unplayable….

  6. XX Watcher says:

    A lot of “consumer” electronics at CES, eh?

  7. E says:

    I played it in Tokyo. There’s a heavy delay to all of your actions which makes it borderline unplayable.

  8. metalhed27 says:

    Overpriced hipster bullshit.

  9. Indie Seoul says:

    I played this in an arcade in Seoul last summer. It's a pretty fun game. Nice to see a classic game like pong get a revival.

  10. LLC says:

    For old people

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