ULTIMATE Veggie Burger Taste Test

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Which fake meat makes for the the tastiest vegetarian treat? We held the ultimate veggie burger taste test to find out! GMM #1366

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30 Responses

  1. Happi Larry says:

    I live in Australia and have been a veggie for about 7 months now (not through choice…) and I really do miss meat, especially a good meaty burger. I have read about the Beyond Meat burger before and from what I read it was quite good. This video confirms everything I've read and I'm super excited to try it! 😀 I did a google search and the Beyond Meat burger was released into Australia a month ago – I'm super super keen to try it, I can't wait!!! 😀 😀

  2. Allison Tamayo says:

    The beyond burger is soo good – prefer it over a regular burger any day

  3. ingvar sigmundsson says:

    there is something wierd about vegans that whant something to taste like meat if they are against people eating meat

  4. CASPIAN PYLES says:

    Boca and the beyond burger is the top and boca only wins because of the price

  5. Jayson Walls says:


  6. French Canadian Bastard says:

    3$ for just a patty? being vegan is expensive, I can walk to mcdonalds and get a complete burger served to me for less

  7. MrCorvusC says:

    I just don't get the point of these. If you are vegan you are not interested in meat. Why'd you try to imitate meat? This is some perverted food idiocy.

  8. Alyssa Williams says:

    try a&w anything but meat burger!!! so good

  9. M Lapointe says:

    A&W serves the beyond meat here is canada and it converted my family for when we go to eat there. it beats the meat pattys any day of the week.

  10. louib716 says:

    Me, a vegetarian, already knowing what burger they'll like the most.

  11. Jessica Perry says:

    I think they should have done plain across the board. Some having cheese or chipotle gives some an edge

  12. Joseph Schultz says:

    I never thought I'd say this before, but I'd actually like to try that veggie burger.

    What has my life come to?

  13. Bernadette Bockis says:

    Yes, as a vegetarian, I have found the bloody veggie burger kinda disgusting. But, sadly, I'm still looking for a best go-to burger.

  14. A H says:

    I love gardein and beyond meat products.

  15. the invisible me says:

    Link doesn't like Tomatoes, olives, runny eggs, cotton candy, what else?

  16. Joey Love says:

    I’m vegetarian and I don’t like the faux beef burgers, but I love breaded spicy chik’n (my abso favourite is Boca’s Spicy Chik’n Veggie Patties).

  17. Jacob Goodyear says:

    Do again with impossible burger

  18. Joaquin Motilla says:

    The boca burger made another you tuber almost puke (the odd ones out)

  19. Sub2Pewdiepie says:

    its 2:21

  20. ICE WOLF says:

    Morning Star Farms veggie burgers are the best.

  21. me thatguy says:

    if vegans hate meat so much why do they keep trying to make food taste like meat?

  22. Ted Striker2112 says:

    preparation for any of these patties is key. you cook and season to your own taste. i tried them all and some do fall apart then use them for something else instead of a burger. cruelty free is the best!!

  23. Hare Brahs says:

    whats up wut links lesbian haircut?

  24. Ima Karimah says:

    I'm so glad you didn't call it vegan

  25. Crackling Flameblade says:

    In epic rap battle of manliness link says:”and when I taste a veggie patty I just spit it out.” Soooooooooo I need to know what’s cannon

  26. Rita Gomes says:

    Can you please do one on non dairy cheese

  27. KADY LAPORTE says:

    Rhett: 'Ha ha ha' I love when you respond to me like that.
    Link: Ha ha ha

  28. Glitch says:

    9:52 McDonald’s would

  29. Jim Biafra says:

    My girlfriend is a vegetarian but she loves the taste of meat. She could have told you Beyon Meat was the best.

  30. Mokey Boy says:

    Thank you so much good mythical morning for making me feel better from being sea sick on a cruise ship that’s making me throw up because of the waves (the cruise ship I am on is the royal carribean ovation of the seas)

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