Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics | Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Stephen Greenblatt [Culturally Determined]

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0:24 Stephen’s new book, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics
3:45 The Henry VI trilogy: Making England Great Again
14:43 Why Shakespeare understood demagogues so well
20:37 Shakespeare’s distrust of democracy and the mob
24:43 How do you stop a tyrant?
27:39 The mad kings in Lear and The Winter’s Tale
33:27 Richard III and Trump, fusing comedy and malice

Aryeh Cohen-Wade (Joking on the Square, @AryehCW) and Stephen Greenblatt (Harvard University, stephengreenblatt.com)

Recorded June 5, 2018

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4 Responses

  1. dontzenyourselfout says:

    …oh, vain & self-possessed
    Aryeh Cohen-Wade
    the interviewer is

  2. Chaim Mendel says:

    also check this out– excellent podcast http://www.slate.com/articles/slate_plus/shakespeare.html

  3. Dimitrios Kantakouzinos says:

    I lost all respect for this man when I read his dishonest hatchet-job of a New York Times editorial against Trump, and this talk where he strains to find parallels where none exist show him in no better light. How can you take a man seriously who claims that Trump was "complimenting neo-Nazis". Or for that matter, who doesn't know that in King Lear, it is the Duke of Cornwall (not the earl), that he wasn't 'ruling' the country, he shared rule with the Duke of Albany, and that he wasn't simply 'torturing' Gloucester – he was actually ripping out the man's eyes.

    This book will not age well because it is a political smear.

  4. neyoBEAR. says:

    Gotta get this book! I've been thinking about this topic for the past couple semesters

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