Top 5 Funniest Haircut Fails CAUGHT ON CAMERA! (Worst Haircuts & Funny Haircut mistakes)

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Top 5 Funniest Haircut Fails – (Worst Haircuts & funny barber mistakes). This is top 5 funniest haircut fails ever. The worst haircuts compilation.

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28 Responses

  1. Sub-Zero says:

    But we blame white people for all of the problems that black people have

  2. doge 2018 says:

    Well goes to show how kid are FUCKING stupid

  3. Cupcake Person says:


  4. DwayneHicks426 says:

    Lee county School district has a few employed pedos, and unfaithful wives playing with other faculty and students.
    1k likes and I'll drop some names.

    A freebee, the teacher just happened to have clippers cause they trim their southern bush for after school sessions.

  5. Sel Vlogs says:

    He always wanted waves but could never grow them so I gave him some

  6. Marlee Schindler says:

    You people are so mean.!! Why would you do thatdombass

  7. Taniyah Green says:

    Tbh kid 2 did a decent job. I’m sure that cut could be revived by a good barber.

  8. Trevor McGuire says:

    The school cut his fucking hair? WTF. They actually have fucking clippers for cases like this? INSANE

  9. brianna liapis says:

    Poor boys that dad was an ass for doing that i would be pissed off

  10. mike sanchez says:

    Thats kinda bad parenting but still funny asf.

  11. Tomboy 7492 says:

    9:16 I think he need a haircut as well

  12. Ruby Philbert says:


  13. Tomboy 7492 says:

    your dad will for sure know now

  14. Arrow4life says:

    Only African parents are doing this lol

  15. Kat is Typing. says:

    I feel bad for the kids that got their haircut because of what they did in school the parents are basically condoning bullying because they wanted their kid to be made fun of and embarrassed

  16. jer says:

    the second one wasnt a fail because he did it on purpose

  17. Pokegirl3507 says:

    the realization that you fucked yo shit up

  18. Funsized Wonder says:

    the first and second kids are going to be comedians

  19. Mollymakesmagic says:

    It’s Not like the punishment doesn’t work, but the way schools are nowadays, it’s more then “a little embarrassment” and I Feel like you could actually /cause/ a form of anxiety doing that, even at their age. They’ve already got the humiliation of having bad grades, being recorded, and not really being taught wrong or right. (Not in all cases, just in some)Someone mentioned doing this works because it installs negative connotations with the event of getting bad grades, but I think it also should be up to the parents to keep their grades from getting that low and to pre-install the importance of good grades, and if they’re actually struggling (sometimes they just don’t care and need to be punished, but I don’t think this way is worth it unless they’re really awful kids.) their parents should actually Help them, because I know lots of kids that are expected to know how to do everything when the education system is already pretty bad.

  20. fun favorite says:

    That is mean but it seems like a good thing to do if they act up

  21. Azima Khush says:

    The first one tryed to stick it back on (LOL)

  22. Paradox The Second says:

    The second kid had clever on his shirt.. uhhh okay..

  23. The noob Gachaverse Noobie says:

    The first didn’t care that he had a bald patch even though he was like 7

  24. Sakib Shahriar says:

    Why !!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!!?

  25. 「The Spider.」 says:


    Megamind niggas like:

  26. Cecile Argoud says:

    that is so rood my mom doesn't t say if you have bad grades I will shave your hair she just says that its really bad and that we have to do more homorok these parents are just so rood I wood call 911

  27. [ ᎥᏖᏕ ᎷᏋ ] says:

    That parent wasnt actually mean tbh i mean he wanted to teach them a lesson

  28. Super K # says:

    Stephen curry can cut hairs now

    I don't know he's a barber
    "This is ok

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