Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)

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This top 10 job interview questions and answers video will show you how to be prepared for your next job interview. When you know how to answer these interview questions and answers, you will be more prepared than everyone else who is interviewing for this job.

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No matter what kind of job interview you have coming up, it’s likely they will ask you several of these questions, if not all of them. So I want to share with you my best tips for answering these top 10 interview questions.

These are the 10 most common questions a hiring manager, recruiter, or interviewer will most likely ask you on a first, second, or even third job interview. To make answering these top 10 questions easy for you, I’m going to break down each question in to all the Do’s and Don’ts so it will be blatantly obvious how to answer them, and as equally important, how NOT to answer them.
Since these are the most popular interview questions, you’ve probably seen or heard of them before, and you may think you know how to answer them.

These questions have been around for a long time and interviewers have been asking them since people started interviewing for jobs. Even though they are old questions, one thing has changed: The best way to answer them for the current times. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, your answer to any of these top 10 questions would have been different than the way you would answer it today in 20xx. And I’m going to show you how to answer these questions for current times.

No doubt, there are many other questions you will be asked on your interview, but these are the root questions. You need to know these. Once I show you how to answer these top 10 questions, I’ll show you where you can a complete list of other common interview questions and answers with a break-down on the best way to answer each one.

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44 Responses

  1. Ben the Scientist says:

    I'm so unprepared

  2. akm02485 says:

    Hopefully this helps someone- I conduct interviews as part of my job (operations supervisor.) We do targeted selection style interviews; therefore, it is imperative that applicants answer in STAR format. If you can do that then you're miles ahead of most of the competition. If you don't know what that is, then look it up because I know of very few companies who do not utilize this style interview. Come prepared with very specific examples from your professional career where you demonstrated strengths you feel will be pertinent to job you are applying for. Research the company you're interviewing at. It boggles my mind when I sit down with someone and ask, "So what do you know about this company," and they say something akin to….""mmm, not a whole lot."I instantly feel my time is about to be wasted, and most of the time I'm not wrong. Lastly, work in key words- I can't transcribe every thing you say during the interview, so I write key phrases you say that stand out to me. For instance, say, I am passionate about leading and developing people- it provides me great satisfaction to share in that journey with others. Passionate is a strong word. Use positive language! Good luck everyone!

  3. ken O says:

    As an interviewer, I liked most of this video, I did not like the answers to the greatest weakness… I may as well just tell you to lie to me. I have replaced that question with Tell me something you find unjust in the world.

  4. Video Ninja says:

    Haha the company I interviewed with didn't ask me hardly any of the normal questions! But this video still prepared me, and "Tell us about yourself" sure is a big one! Be yourself and if yourself sucks, get better and get some good boundaries and mentors in your life! Good luck all of you interviewees! You're gonna do great!

  5. kelba leo says:

    What is your weakness?

  6. Kristen Heinmiller says:

    How do you answer why you left the job questions when you were let go and when I asked why or can you give me feed back as to why I was not doing well in my position they literally could not give me one

  7. Степан Разин says:

    The resume : don't tell them the truth , you should lie a lot about everything . And than sweeter your lies thе more chances you will have to get a job. It is my rule of thumb .

  8. Manolo Gonsalez says:

    your rilly a good guy make more video

  9. Annapurna Sinha says:

    where are the download links please???

  10. Video Ninja says:

    Best video on the subject. This video is perfect for what you're doing. I appreciate you, bud!

  11. aandretrain says:

    This is confirmation for me. I will continue to act on this until I obtain my results.

  12. kisa kisakye says:

    You are a great and a star tutor! God bless you, merry Xmas to you and yr family.

  13. Ross Mitchel says:

    Why does this guy keep repeating himself? It’s great advice but lots of repetition literally word for word right after saying it for some reason

  14. Judalyn Ganda Pelayo says:

    Thank you for giving us a very informative and ways on how to answer questions during interviews.

  15. Waleed Khalid says:

    Do not believe this man. He's a FRAUD. I clicked on the link and there's link that asks you to subscribe in order to download top 10 questions but then again another window opens up which says to click on this link and so on… These people make fool of you. Do not click on any of the given links.

  16. selam Lehulum says:

    Thank you, after watching this video I polished my interview skills and got a d good job.

  17. darkoakameto says:

    Guys, fingers crossed as I really need to land a job and it's happening Monday !

  18. Cris Duran says:

    This is the best interview video I've seen yet

  19. sri rankan says:

    Tell about yourself, the way u answered. Answer should be brief, profession, where r you heading, experience, quality, no life story, transferable skills, practise your Nswers in front of the mirror, vedeo and practise it. Why should I hire u. Show that that u r the best person for the job. Job descriptions r relevant. Understand the industry problems. Business and the problems.

  20. J Y says:

    The first question isn't asked on every first interview. It is usually asked in entry level interviews.

  21. Matt Angelo says:

    I listened to you and now am out of job. lol

  22. Tyler Barnes says:

    what if you make weird facial expressions during the interview like Ed Bassmaster does?

  23. nuris irfan says:

    had an interview for my first product pricing actuarial internship last week. they finally got back to me today and i got it. a big thank u for the tips

  24. Eonbree says:

    don I also like kitty cats XD

    on a more serious note I'm trying out for a internship tomorrow and im pretty scared. but this along with other things has helped me out trying to get this. I might update to see if I got the intership or not

  25. sparkplug964 says:

    Some good honest info here, cheers.

  26. Jose Reyes says:

    What if i dont really have alot of work accomplishments? can i say graduating college because it was hard work?

    what if i am entering a new field? can i talk about my journey of my interest in my new field, what i have been doing to study the new field?

    what if there wasnt alot of difficult situations at work? can i talk about getting behind on work and adapting to it?

  27. Jose Reyes says:

    anyone know of a place we can post our answers to questions for feedback? id love to get advice.

  28. Evan Vega says:

    Watching this the night before my interview. It's my first interview as I've never had a job before and I'm so nervous :''''''^)

  29. Z V says:

    I have been more than patient and resilient, interview after interview…one day I will respectably be employed.

  30. Hind bk says:

    very good job, sir. Keep it going ! thanks a lot !

  31. guest guest says:

    I once kissed one of the interviewers as i new her from the past…..i did'nt get the job.

  32. Midou Jouli says:

    hey ,if anyone else trying to find out how to answer difficult job interview questions try Lomonting Interview Answers Mentor (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.

  33. Saitama says:

    Why should we hire you?: Cause you are hiring

  34. Sean Showalter says:

    This has really helped me. Thank you!

  35. heavymechanic2 says:

    What if the company makes me wait an hour for a scheduled interview and was not prepared to interview an applicant? A total waste of time…

  36. Hammad Alvi says:

    A goood and comprehensive video. Thank you Mr. Georgvich for sharing with us your experience.

  37. DieOrSuffer says:

    I have 6 minutes before my interview. Hope I land the job!


    Love you


    Very nice video thanks a lot

  40. Jesse Sanchez says:

    awesome –

  41. Keith Bryan Pedrajas says:

    Thank you very much sir for this very usefull video. God bless.

  42. Sean Champion-Taylor says:

    There are employers of all kinds, no employer is built the same according to the book "What Color is Your Parachute?". Being unemployed can be fun, I've met personalities like Michael Franti and Michael Dorn who are exceptional human beings. I can gauge how well my interviewer is behaving, in case I'm confused or worried about what they think about me. One time I had a terrible interview, it didn't match up with the other successful interviews. It bothered me, but I tried to learn from the lesson. I contacted my friends and mentors to see what advice they could give me based on the questions and situation of the interview.

  43. Vaibhav Bhatia says:

    i was all good to go for the interview until i watched this and realised i wasn't ready 🙁 🙁

  44. Val Whitewolf Media says:

    This summer I was asked if so and so was my sister. Never heard from that woman again.

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