Tom Clancy’s The Division – Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 [HD]

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The Division Walkthrough Part 1
Tom Clancy’s The Division Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 PS4

In this walkthrough gameplay demo of the division you get a great first look on ubisoft’s newest open world rpg for ps4 and pc. In this particular gameplay you play with your friends to capture an occupied police station and explore the open world of new york.



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27 Responses

  1. Wilwardo Horen says:

    Is the game online all the time or has story mode

  2. TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    Just another team shooter with arbitrary objectives and an overinflated graphics budget. This one's gimmick is float-y drones.

  3. BIGO LIVE says:

    ya games pc ki hai

  4. Shehla Ashraf says:

    Can you give me membership free
    Email me at [email protected]

  5. Nue Ginagawamue says:

    They just wasted their time making this game, too complicated

  6. Donthave One says:

    That voice crack doe 4:06

  7. Ink Slinger says:

    that was sick first look at the game at all for me def gonna save and join the game. appreciate ya sharing best wishes

  8. fErDi0nE says:

    is this supports sngleplayer Mode "offline" or online required to play?
    any help?

  9. Gudász Ádám says:

    Xbox 360?????

  10. Tímea Hethési says:

    How i can run and jumb? (Playstation 4)

  11. ZULFADLIZUL says:

    what the fuck ubisoft hooooh

  12. Adrian Sprzd says:

    honestly.. those graphics is fkin awesome

  13. Richard Woo says:

    just dont go in without a team and pray you dont come up against another full team

  14. Satadip Laha says:

    please give me the download link of the game

  15. Selver Subasic says:

    good games division

  16. Gaming Hub says:

    subs my Channel..
    I will sub back… Thanks

  17. André Luis says:

    this game is dead in steam. <4k players.

  18. yami Saiko says:

    does this game exist on xbox 360?

  19. Vinay Pasricha says:

    Can I play this offline without multiplayer option i.e. On my own as single player

  20. hollywood Movies talk says:

    hiii these game awosome

  21. None says:

    … . and now we have patch 1.6… wtf happend!!!

  22. SebastianTRB//SebastianTheRubyBlock Plays:Roblox says:

    he said its HD idiot

  23. Stranger Phenomenon says:

    how to cross on the bridge in the game?

  24. André Luis says:

    this game is shit, boring, repetitive, dont buy., the game is dead, 95% players left;;;;

  25. Lunatic One says:

    inam lwvel 20

  26. Cocomixermachine says:

    Since when did all shooter games become such feminist propaganda tools?

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