Tom Clancy’s The Division Official E3 2015 Trailer | PS4

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We were always told it might come to this… that one day, everything we ever knew would end. We were activated as a last resort.
We are The Division. When society falls we rise.

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44 Responses

  1. LUCKY 2008 says:

  2. Captain Piece of Beast says:

    1.8.1 Baby!!!

  3. Likiji Cz says:


  4. Marlon Brayan says:

    Propaganda inganosa

  5. Gabriele Saraceno says:

    Song pls

  6. Xavier Zuñiga says:

    like si crees que rainbow six es el mejor juego de defensa y ataque
    o me equivoco

  7. INMORTAL_Victo96 says:


  8. Adam Pilmore says:

    i dont know why but im getting a GTA vibe from this vid

  9. Joshua Estrada says:

    l love this game is awesome some day i want be them

  10. Eder Fabio says:

    Muito legal  um dos melhores. Curto muito o game

  11. Daniel Healey says:

    Looked better then it actully is

  12. متعب الرشيدي says:


  13. Chris Jones says:


  14. Fady Osama says:

    The name of the song please??

  15. Nasser Hamdan says:


  16. Jordan Nova says:

    make this for the vita please

  17. Scyler Wright says:

    I love Divison

  18. Sahil khan says:

    i think PC and xbox one better than ps4 graphics and ps4 is suck

  19. David Garcia says:

    this is mature or teen

  20. رامي محمد says:


  21. Thomas Bernaudon says:

    "We are the division"

  22. rupin kanet says:

    next gen time's up, downgrade's time is now
    you can see it but ubisoft not not not………………

  23. Ronnel Calagui says:

    new game for this franchise great job i hope more power for this franchise to make more better tom clancys game

  24. fatih onderen says:

    Awesome ,, but Not single player 🙁

  25. The Flash says:

    let's go man me an my crew vs the world

  26. HUNT3R 311 says:

    Loke si ablas español

  27. AnalisaHernandez says:

    march 4 is my birthday

  28. DaY DOom says:

    Very god ! game

  29. Lee Cantu says:

    I am sick and tired of game companies displaying their games with beautiful graphics but then you buy the game the graphics are downgraded. I love video games and have been playing since the atari 2600 but this pisses me off. With todays computing power and high tech there is no reason that these games shouldn't look amazing. I was so excited about this game when it was announced after seeing the graphics and gameplay but now I am not sure if I will buy it.

  30. Alex Mathews says:

    I hope they don't push the game to next year like they do to any other games

  31. ghettochenzhen says:

    I'm really sad this isn't on the rest of the consoles I'll just have to w8 m8s

  32. David De Jager says:

    I want it to see its playing real time on a ps4, because i heard that the division is downgraded, ubisoft showt the snowdrop trailer,and that was stunning but its was not the graphics ubisoft showt on the last E3 so ubisoft dit it again

  33. Estivenson Dofus says:

    Ubisoft = Downgrade.

  34. Rafael Rios says:

    People who say graphics dont matter you are WRONG. We are paying enough money to expect big things. I expect even more knowing that im going to probably buy the collectors edition which is I believe 160 dollars.

  35. Rafa Hidalgo says:

    what´s the name of the song of the guy singing at the begining of the trailer (0:21)? I like it

  36. DaY DOom says:

    Very best game

  37. Дмитрий Усынин says:


  38. Taleron Morrison says:

    why does it have to be co-op why can it be like gta single player or multiplayer

  39. vincent ortiz says:

    It looks like the poly-count for a lot of the environmental assets was reduced. Some of the textures still look pretty high res though. Mainly on the clothing and character parts. The floors in some areas of the video did look a bit blurry or low-res. Its an obvious graphical optimization though. If you want the draw distance and fps to  be at all decent, the poly-count and dynamics just have to come down. The isolated scenes we saw in previous videos were also most likely running on PC. To me? It looks on par with most PS4 titles out now. Def not comparable to AAA pc games though which is kind of sad.

  40. ibro247 says:

    This is the dream game for every American redneck! Society falls and the bullets start flying!

  41. WhereIzJP90 says:

    Such a good trailer.

  42. Justin Soriano says:

    I hope this game will have a split screen mode

  43. Derek Simmons says:

    I was interested in the game, until I heard it would run at 30fps. I mean stuttering camera movements are so last gen.

  44. Candy says:

    Two different tom clancy games at one E3?

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