Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Stealth Takedown Mission [UK]

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands offers total freedom of choice in the way that you can complete your missions. For this new walkthrough demo, the Ghosts waited for nightfall in order to take a stealthy approach. 

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35 Responses

  1. KasYo says:

    Looks awesome BUT. Truth is. The sniper guy Kills someone outside a house. The people inside the house notice it and INSTANTLY know where everybody of your team is. and starts shooting you. Next thing is, if you stealth you can oneshot kill every narco. BUT, if the enemy is on hunting mode they INSTANTLY eat 6 to 9 Bullets. (even with a DMR or Bolt Action Sniper they eat 2 to 4) like "Oh look there maybe is someone. I can now survive 6-9 Shots of an asault rifle." 5 min later "oh there was nobody ? oh…. ehm… now i will just survive one bullet in the toe"… And on the hardest difficulty this SUCKS because you cant even shoot a guy if you are behind cover cause you die if 2 or 3 bullets hit you. I would have wished an option to do blind fire for this kind of situations. But NO the charakter stands up like you aim down sight but the bullets spray alot more than on ADS. So no advantage for me… Or you get spotted while hiding behind cover. Don´t get me wrong. i LOVE this game. but it has it´s fails and the little things that destroy the fun instantly. You spot out a Base. Serch a way to get in. And then you fail because one narco saw you for 1 second and instantly everybody is on alert and many minutes of scouting and stuff wasn´t worth it.

  2. Brayden Sebesta says:

    but i wont spare details the choice is in the hands of tom Clancy and Ubisoft

  3. Brayden Sebesta says:

    ghost recon operation free world DLC will take place in El salvador were El sueno starts building his new cartel the ghosts will be scent to kill him but sueno is prepared for them so when he gets word of them he will hire Narcos to ambush you. You will have to kill his underbosses and capture his heads like in the original game but not the same characters rescue civilians and destroy his new drug trafficking operations there will be 9 main targets under bosses, heads,and sueno so hit the drugs, hit the money, then hit sueno Ghost Recon operation free world the rebirth DLC

  4. Brayden Sebesta says:

    you know that good ending at the end of the game that last briefing with using El sueno as a CIA informant to get him to tell them everything he knows about Terrorists, organized global crime groups and even other drug cartels.I saying make a game like the latest version and play through the months that started after sueno was apprehended and take down these people same people in the good ending brief new countries to roam new bad guys new challenges new side missions new weapon customization new character customization new vehicles and more it wood be called Ghost Recon operation free world


    nice mission for me

  6. David Milner says:

    Here it is a year later. Looking back I wish gameplay would come even close to this but sadly it does not

  7. witlessrogue58 says:

    Really need some takedowns with a knife. For those who use the vests that have it. Bare handed and and while pistol wielding. I mean, come on. It should not just be there for decoration dammit.

  8. Gaming Is Not a Crime says:

    ubisoft has the best graphics

  9. The Gamer Boi says:

    For example this soldier is taking a rest beats the crap out of him with the pistols handle

  10. Joe Ç says:

    Im liking the weapon models, ballistics and sounds. One thing games get wrong is distant and suppressing gunfire noise. So long as nothing was added for the sake of the trailer I'm impressed enough to pick up a copy!

  11. Tregeta says:

    You guys did a great job on this game. Yes I have my complaints which I posted to the forums and I expect many bugs to get fixed for what I paid for it. But over all, I have a lot of fun playing it.

  12. John Rooney says:

    Great game. Just keep the A.I away from rail tracks !

  13. Tregeta says:

    lol and leave the rebels to die, outnumbered 10 to 1

  14. Hugh Turner Banks says:

    How do you do the sync shot

  15. Danny M. says:

    bad, ass

  16. Trident says:

    I wonder why Donald trump hasn't said anything about the game XD

  17. lee saggers says:

    games good shame knowone plays it like this the online is pretty much gta online eveyone judt runs in like divs

  18. Vincy Gamer says:

    I can't wait to play it in 4K 🙂 plz make sure there's no prob on PC at launch 🙂

  19. Senior Zolo says:

    Enemy AI are pretty much dolts.

  20. JonKalas007 says:

    Suddenly everyone goes open world, look at you shity games Ubifost, the recycling in all your titles…
    And this one is no different…
    Hail Rockstar and CD Project red

  21. Blame says:

    p250 sound from CSGO on a silenced pistol…facepalm

  22. Scree72 Carpe Diem says:

    You Just Can't Fucking Please Some People ffs!. Why Buy A Game if all you're gonna do is fucking bitch about it ffs!

  23. geøstigma says:

    Still better than Metal Gear Survive even tho it's fuckin' UbiSoft

  24. Shebby Siege says:

    But I don't want to do this stuff over and over again?

  25. WeissM89 says:

    Oh, please, let us use knives in stealth kills and drag corpses.
    Dear Dominic, if the game is "entirely playable from beginning to end in solo", why don't you make a video showing the features of solo gameplay and the AI teammates one of these days? I hate playing with people, they ruin my immersion, specially since I love stealth and online people just go shooting like headless chickens.

  26. Frank Honest says:

    cant stand that 3rd person view anymore.
    if i would really want that, i'd go with a RPG.
    and when i see what ubi delivered on the last 2 games i was interest (siege/division), meh no thank you.

  27. Cole MacGrath says:

    REALLY hope you can still pickup bodies though, rather than having to grab every enemy.

  28. xXOFFICERx216Xx ETS says:

    i would die if they put the HK Mk.23 .45ACP SOCOM in here

  29. MrJJuK says:

    Secondary reinforcements that sounds familiar.

  30. MrJJuK says:

    4:28 – Oh shit a Drone… is that the same one promised in The Division…

  31. MrJJuK says:

    3:50 – Places C4 on fuel tank, but its hovering 2 inches away from the tank… GJ Ubisoft -,-

  32. MrJJuK says:

    Graphic's sold separately!

  33. P B says:

    im sure the gone downgrade graphics like always

  34. WrecKemRaGe says:

    Stealth mission, Lands huge ass heli 300m away and no 1 gives a toss!

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