Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – The Future of Warfare – E3 2010

Views:922365|Rating:4.74|View Time:10:24Minutes|Likes:2377|Dislikes:132
The new future shooter comes to life.

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44 Responses

  1. KROSS777RLSH says:

    Really guys i remember waching this many times when it hit the web.

    The game came out it was good i liked it . i didnt play it but a fallowed it and all its modes saw gameplays and what not . iloved the multiplayers style.

    This game shoulda been the sequel !! Hopefully it will be even tho wildlands came out.

  2. NujuBIONICLE says:

    Mannn its been 8 years, but it feels like it was yesterday :'(

  3. Стас Агаповка says:

    Но мы не зло…

  4. Стас Агаповка says:

    Игра крутая!!! Но это игра

  5. Стас Агаповка says:

    И на будущее…Так не прокатит

  6. Стас Агаповка says:

    Почему мы!? РУССКИЕ??? Что мы вам сделали?

  7. Isauro Garcia says:

    Man Scott Mitchell – i bet thats who we were gonna play as or at least follow

  8. Bedista Sadista says:

    Joe you're the funniest commentator I've ever seen LOL

  9. Simon Samson says:

    its 2018 and i still play this game they say it has been downgraded.
    downgraded or not its still much much better than COD or GEARS or SOCOM gameplay.

  10. SSR GamingVids says:

    This is actually Future Soldier 2 (10 years later xd)

  11. Zebu 01 says:

    Ubisoft 2010 e3 lie

  12. Timefall l says:

    this mixed with wildlands, what future soldier should've been at least.
    The ghosts sound one thousand times better than the final game voice

  13. XYaBoiiDeeBo25 says:

    "That guy had a family"

  14. RSA_Ghost says:

    This game is the best Ghost Recon but as allways they didnt listen to the players.P2P matchmaking endless connection problems and useless punkbuster anticheat took them 5 years to start using easy anticheat wow.But hey ubisoft lets move on scrap that game and make a new one to catch all those pre order fools

  15. Greg Hevoles says:

    It would be amazing if they made a Ghost Recon like this, but upgrade the graphics a little bit. This could EASILY make uplay tons of money.

  16. N8 says:

    I would trade the entire garbage game we actually got just to play this 1 level in full. This demo alone would have been better that the sad excuse for a game we got. Multiplayer sucked. Story was boring and the combat was repetitive. One of the most disappointing games I have ever played

  17. Anthony Sandoval says:

    There voices were so sick and unique

  18. andre mariano says:

    esse jogo é muuuuuito 10, gosto ,amo d+++++ jogar este game, parabéns, muito show..
    andre de BRASILIA .

  19. noah harper says:

    I like the released game we got but I would've preferred this one

  20. Hurricane Matthew says:

    What happened man, like this is what we wanted

  21. Time Tellers Union says:

    The fuck happened to what we got

  22. chrissk08 says:

    Never forget. I was 14 when I saw this shit and I was so hyped. But man why the hell did they change it??

  23. احمد حسين says:


  24. SSR GamingVids says:

    wtf…..this was ghost recon future soldier? kkkkkkkk

  25. Dirtyr0bin says:

    i'm not sure what's worse, me thinking this looked good when it was showed at E3 or the final game

  26. hezi78 says:

    the hole game have changed
    there are no rocket launchers on the shoulders
    or the mr-8 assulat weapon
    its really sad that they changed the hole game to avrege

  27. Clorox Bleach says:

    ohm ohm tom clancy's rainbow six siege pre order play beta tomorrow because I already did pre ordered and I can play pre order tomorrow ohm ohm ohm ohm

  28. Rosaku Boleznennyesladkij says:


  29. Raptor086 says:

    I don't get it. Why the fuck did they change it? It looks so much better here. The final game ended up being so painfully average.

  30. PS3MLGGamingHD says:

    The downgrade is real with this one.

  31. JohnS1000RR says:


  32. Briana Mashiro says:

    Jajajaja nada que ver con el actual juego. pfff

  33. beestplayer44 says:

    Why couldn't they have actually made this instead of the huge POS they actually made.

  34. Dragonwar says:

    I fked hated that they remade thus game. I was so pumped. I never bought the game since it was remade and the features too were also remade.

  35. Alex Wilson says:

    Sad. This version of Ghost Recon: Advance Warfare

  36. iiBloodHunter says:

    I'd be more excited for another GR than another AC!

  37. Ricks vr6 says:

    ghost recon future soldier 2

  38. newyorker122 says:

    I'm sad that this wasn't in the game.

  39. Michal Tomášek says:

    Může být i hůř !!!

  40. giorgi sichinava says:

    and as always ubisoft fucked it up

  41. alintro says:

    fucking downgrade

  42. julle huu says:

    demos are always so dynamic full of life  and happening when you see real version  it always have shitty ai  stiff controll  but hey ney need to advertise

  43. SnuggiezPlays says:

    Don't get me wrong, I liked Future Soldier. But it didn't feel like Ghost recon. It just wasn't as tactical as graw.

  44. Ares says:

    what do people mean this isnt the actual game? not a Ghost Recon fan but id like to know why everyone is saying that this is a better version or that this is different than the game

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