Tom Clancy’s EndWar Xbox 360 Trailer – They Were Right

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25 Responses

  1. Kev Urbie says:

    Needs a real damn sequel already. This universe is story and content gold

  2. PURDES says:

    Wait so russia has all pf europe including the uk but not France yet? What?

  3. Indra Christian says:

    Question: why russia is always an antagonist

  4. Henry Moran says:

    Now the russian are the new nazis?
    Nazis everywhere!

  5. ARKHAM ASYLUM2016 says:

    Russia vs trumpie I actually kinda glad

  6. Дмитрий Абрамян says:


  7. Hunter6213 says:

    WWIII is more likely US vs. China, why the Battle Royale among US, EU and Russia?

  8. Shotgunman5 says:


  9. Rusty Owens says:

    That was a Great game on the Xbox 360

  10. Los Sheg says:

    bad rts

  11. TNB TheNewBlood says:

    Like my comment because I'm looking for attention!!! I swear I'll give everyone that likes a single happy face!!!

  12. TNB TheNewBlood says:

    Ahhh….the year of skyrim…

  13. Dude Call says:

    Evil Russians blablabla… again

  14. Dimitri Vadim says:

    Can there be a game where america is the enemy

  15. Alisha Loden says:

    Kendra dia Bull.

  16. Seth Leoric says:

    Wait russia was able to get europe out of america…. i thought america was gonna get europe out of russia

  17. Paul Delsanto says:

    They need to remake this game

  18. CJT DUP says:

    Anyone coming back to this after the World War 3 trailer?

  19. Kovosis Cainian says:

    Bill Bill Bill

  20. Kovosis Cainian says:


  21. Jay Jay For President says:

    One of the best games of my childhood

  22. Rodolfo Ruiz says:

    when america doesn't know how to properly rush b cyka blyat

  23. 11S53 LIAW ZHONG-WEI says:

    The commander in this trailer is such a noob haha

  24. david dilan gomez quena says:

    2018 LIKEEE

  25. Yan Akatsuki EA Benitez says:

    Will be beauty blow the entire earth if russia dont back down hahaha!

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