Tom Clancy’s EndWar Trailer

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This is the first full-length trailer for EndWar – Ubisoft’s up and coming RTS game for XBox 360 and PS3.

Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai

Composer: Michael McCann

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35 Responses

  1. John Pierce says:

    We need a sequel!!!

  2. ScrubProductions says:

    I love going back to read all the comments about salty Americans having a go at the Russians and saying they are so great, as well as Vice-Versa. Ahh, the Internet

  3. Benjin says:

    They need to bring this game back / make a sequel.

  4. David Smith says:

    i know this game is old and it has microphone supports can i use any mic or do i buy a special one

  5. ZVER410 says:

    I would really like to play this game.

  6. x x says:

    Am I the only one who noticed they placed Milan in Tuscany and Berlin in Bavaria?

  7. travis madsen says:

    It's taken me years to find this trailer. It's still just as awesome as it was when I saw it on toonami all those years ago. . . . I'm just so disappointed that it's called a kinetic strike; I thought it was called an a Armageddonic strike.

  8. ricardo mendes says:

    …….I didn't understand nhoting but its a good game

  9. bonerhalodude says:


  10. Deus Paligorius says:

    I remember having disastrous turn with Russia. After that, I played casually until I had to fight against the colonel who beat me. General Sergei Izotov told me this: "Last time he beat you, and now he thinks that he has the upper hand. You MUST grab him by that hand, and beat him to death with it!"
    Also when I would own JSF's ass, he would tell me: "Excellent work colonel, you helped those Americans die for their gods!" When I would own EU, he would say: "You walked all over those Europeans!"

  11. Ryan LaVigne says:

    Yes, yes I did.

  12. finback2005 says:

    you read the book didnt you 😉

  13. Mr. Play&Film says:

    :/ What is the OST? I want it so badly…

  14. BrokenSp00n says:

    Says russia who killed more of their men in WW2 than the germans.

  15. Jordi Lopez says:

    Whos ready for ENDWAR 2?

  16. Plzstandbuy says:

    So what your saying is just because someone says that they"re helping people means that they are telling the truth? The writers changed the storyline from the book on purpose to make no side seem better morally. United States goes ahead and does whatever it wants despite what the other superpowers or the UN say Europe oppresses its people and Russia does whatever it can to insure that the other superpowers will depend on them for oil.

  17. Plzstandbuy says:

    america isnt the good guy in this game none of three factions are. Just because it shows americans and russians fighting doesnt mean that the americans or the russians are good or bad

  18. CRBASF2 says:

    That's because it was overrun by the russians so that was the last thing that they could do.

  19. Karl Adrian Ang says:

    Defend Paris.

  20. Alex Rheinharder says:

    @dabuddhaman8908 wkakakakkaka!/ gth with paris

  21. Massage Dog says:

    @Serbia14SS we'll just nuke youre ass in the end commie piece of shit

  22. Clemen Ang says:

    I like how some of the American soldiers get blown up but they just walk past like nothing happened, especially the ones right beside them

  23. Alexis says:

    This was the time when Europe and USA were friend

  24. Ryan LaVigne says:

    "Rods From God."
    Simply lets go of whats basically a 10 ton weight that reaches speeds of 36,000 feet per second.
    Its doesn't have any explosives, munitions, anything. Just the kinetic energy achieved with the help of gravity.
    All the force of a nuke, with out any of the fallout, and can be launched any where in less than 15 minutes.
    Scary awesome!

  25. Tyler Knudson says:

    Seriously? Any russian just bitching about america is a disgrace to Russia itself. Your obviously not very bright because you trolling about a country on a game trailer. America and Russia haven't fought for about 50 years. And a fun fact for you, RUSSIANS LIVE IN FUCKING AMERICA. So if your trolling about AMERICA using AMERICA'S national language on a AMERICAN website, on a AMERICAN computer in AMERICA, you need to think about what your saying.

  26. Haersh Sahita says:

    Actually, the general is General Smith, mentioned in Endwar novel. In the novel, President Becerra spoke of him as a 'good man' and because of him, the line in Paris stabilized and the Russians were prevented from breaking through

  27. Suraj Sinha says:

    this general sucks

  28. William Andersen says:

    The music for this trailer is awesome! I've been trying to find it, but to no avail.

  29. Fignewtonofd00m says:


    Mute the trailer and play that with it. Trust me it fits almost perfectly.

  30. That One Guy From the Party says:

    epic FAIL

  31. AHighPwner says:

    @AeRoS0n those arent the final gunships in the game. JSF gunships are different

  32. AHighPwner says:

    has anyone noticed that the USA's gunships have no tail rotar?

  33. Rosen Stefanov says:

    Despite the whole cliche of it all: epic trailer is EPIC.

    P.S. Jesus that was A LOT of drones!

  34. aussieblackhawk123 says:

    @oss182 lol how many games since the cold cod MW3 it's crazy what the cold war can do to gaming

  35. aussieblackhawk123 says:

    and once again russia is the badguy 🙂

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