To Kill A Mockingbird Audio book p1 by Harper Lee

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to kill a mockingbird: If I could give this no stars, I would. This is possibly one of my least favorite books in the world, one that I would happily take off of shelves and stow in dark corners where no one would ever have to read it again.

I think that To Kill A Mockingbird has such a prominent place in (American) culture because it is a naive, idealistic piece of writing in which naivete and idealism are ultimately rewarded.

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28 Responses

  1. Madelynn Marie says:

    Where are the last few chapters?

  2. Alex Miller says:

    Reading at 1.25x speed is sounds like a normal person talking

  3. Alex Kreitz says:

    Hate being a freshman. Work book in the world. Kill me now -_-

  4. Evren Alan says:

    I like how the video is 10 hours and has "part 1" in the title

  5. Taffylaffy says:

    Lol I’m the only 13 year old listing for fun #AlabamaBornAndRaised

  6. Jordan M. says:

    I'm a freshman but I absolutely love this story

  7. Party Cow says:

    Freshmen gang in the chat Bois

  8. Headshooter3222 Plays says:

    hello all freshmen 2X time speed

  9. Tina Kha says:

    I’m only on chapter 3 and this is my whole class’ last week on the book

  10. Katie The Kawaii says:



    Mr friend paid 20 dollars for the audio. I just use Youtube. Thanks for the free audio.


    GO to settings on the video and change the speed to 1.5

  13. Samuel 0926 says:

    If you’re doing a reading assignment go on SparkNotes, you’ll thank me later

  14. The Music Man says:

    Good, not my kind of book though. 4/5 stars

  15. Levi Bertoncini says:

    I have to read this in sophomore year ugh

  16. Hi I go by Bisquick. says:

    Being read to while I write is the only way I can take pointless notes on the book without ripping my hair out.

  17. Coopinator Bro says:

    Here to read for English class. Too lazy to read it so I listen

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