Titanic Movie Crash Scene

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Crash scene from the 1997 movie, Titanic.

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34 Responses

  1. Eleanor Cheung says:

    Would hit ahead better ?

  2. Richard Lawson says:

    Ice water pouring in.

  3. GOD'S SON KELVIN says:

    Story for the Gods..why not stop the ship..turn the engine then move slowly…

  4. Meme Wolf says:

    Do u guys know 3AM isn't only the devil hour but to the illuminati hour cuz a triangle has 3 corners so you don't may say bad thing about the illuminati at 3AM-4AM cuz at 3 am the illuminati can hear everything and everyone so you need to pray for the illuminati when ur awake to live longer and draw a circle with a star inside in light ink and place 5 candles around the circle

  5. Bingkuoh Channel says:

    nice video…my friend..salam kompliks,,,

  6. Cliff Yablonski says:

    They yell hard to starboard but the wheelman turns to port.

  7. ThatAkwardKid says:

    2:23 Titanic's scream of pain 🙁

  8. Nicole's covers says:

    Titanic: brr its' cold!
    Iceberg: HEY SWEATY , HUG ME!

  9. Granit Dobruna says:


  10. MASTER GINGER says:

    What if actually satan wanted this to happend ?….. you people dont know satan, when you do, you will know he can make such things happend, hes the master jinn, when youre not watching, he brings a iceberg, thats how he says "im a winner – fuck mankind"

  11. Alva Pantzar says:

    I have watch this movie 3 Times

  12. Sasikarn Pison says:

    "หัก หัก"

  13. hyunjin own my ass says:

    it's the beeest daaay eeeeveer

  14. J B says:

    They would have been better off hitting it straight on. The hole in the front could have been sealed off to one compartment, but instead they were opened up along the side of three compartments.

  15. Deivi Colque says:

    Eso fue por culpa de esa puta ofrecida….

  16. abonent jest czasowo niedostępny says:

    And now think, that all of those people were crying when they were dying in water.. and think that all of those tears are there, in this water

  17. Jia Fang says:

    We should honor engineering crew all the time!

  18. CGGG1 KTK says:


  19. Dadi Murgajiva says:

    Tare film

  20. Dadi Murgajiva says:

    Tare film

  21. DarKKnightt07 says:

    I doubt the ship controls actually looked like that.

  22. sandwich man says:

    I think they dont feel so good

  23. J C says:

    Olympic, not the Titanic.

  24. Harrison Beavon says:

    This ship is really history. Edit: rip Titanic

  25. Phil Mason says:

    Anyone besides me notice when they say “Hard to Starboard “ the helmsman cranks the wheel to port ?

  26. ImThe Gingerbread Man says:

    This Just Makes Me Want To Watch Titanic For The 1000th Time

  27. Zain -S says:

    There will be a titanic 2

  28. ebrar oyunda says:

    tıtanıc beautiful

  29. PANAGIOTIS G. says:

    You Don't Reverse The Engines You Idiot !!

  30. Annalisa Mellino says:

    Titanic capitian:fuck a iceberg i want to die titanic hits iceberg iceberg: OH MY FUCK YU U HIT ME U IDIOT IM DYING STUPID TITANIC ARE YU BLIND AHHHHHHHH!!!

  31. Meme King says:

    Pick up you bastard totally not about to crash into a iceberg making coffee.

  32. new cars says:

    We never challenge allah or it fails

  33. tushar katara says:

    I'm so emotional

  34. Waseem Nawaz says:

    It's working

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