Theresa’s Post-Surgery Reading | Long Island Medium

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After she wakes up from surgery, Theresa gives an impromptu reading to her hospital nurse.

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39 Responses

  1. Shari Parkin says:

    Theresa is an obvious fraud taking advantage of vulnerable people. That's as low as it gets.
    If she's truly psychic, James Randi will write her a $1,000,000 check. Theresa? Why so scared of a paycheck??? Perhaps because you're a complete fraud? Shame on Caputo & her pathetic excuse of being, "shamed, tormented & misunderstood." I'll believe you….when you prove it. Randi is waiting. ????

  2. Angelina Velasco says:

    I hope you feel better. Your spiritual sister

  3. Twisted Artdesigns says:

    Victoria is lovely. Teresa is healed by now.

  4. Marcelo Mieken says:

    Victoria está muito diferente .. incrível

  5. guerita bonita says:

    Que paso con victoria?

  6. Allynne Paixão says:

    A voz dela é mas bacana em português sei lá fica melhor …e eu não entendo nada kkkk

  7. carol jandreau says:

    Omg people! Really!

  8. She Cares says:

    He doesn't beleive in it because of his religion, yet she shoves it down his throat. She is evil. It's not good spirits its EVIL spirit. Big difference.

  9. sexobscura says:

    does this cow EVER let up

  10. Luz Montaño says:

    Espero que estés bien con ponte pronto tú eres mi inspiración

  11. Tricia says:

    what kind of surgery did she have ?

  12. Brenda Cambel says:

    And where is her husband!?

  13. Miriam Furtado says:

    Tradução para o portugues por favor,sou brasileira.

  14. Kenny Mode says:


  15. M. m says:


  16. Hector Hernandez says:

    Yo tampoco entiendo pero deseo que te mejores Teresa !! Cuídate desde México

  17. Mariela Rojas says:

    me parece extraño que tenga las uñas pintadas, por lo menos en mi país para cualquier cirugía te hacen quitar las pinturas de uña. Si quisieran que fuera mas creíble tendría que haberse quitado todo.

  18. Lee Flood says:

    Victory is so beautiful it’s what’s in your heart that counts and makes people beautiful inside and out

  19. Jenijane Williams says:

    I love that Theresa can read Spirit under different circumstances. What a truly amazing gift.

  20. Peggy Helton says:

    I so wish she would do a different hairstyle…

  21. Yadira Sessions says:

    OMG i could say the same thing to that gut and i am not a medium, BS.

  22. Jiyong Kwon says:

    The stuff nurse is a filipino! M

  23. putrikareddy reddy says:

    Aren't all these tv show so called supernatural people fake!

  24. Genavieve C says:

    Omg Victoria gained so much weight. Girl, the struggle lol

  25. Bobbie Mccluskey says:

    People are sick they have to pick on somebody. I think it's disgusting if you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut.

  26. Cynthia DeCesare says:

    Leave her daughter alone! Holy Molly! She is there for her mom not for ignorant comments!

  27. Janet Nash says:

    It took 2hr for the girl to get back my Netflix we were both a nervous wreck but she was great on the other hand I had to go out to dinner I think you were stopping it I'm not sure and if you were I was going to kill you b((( BY the way 2?? UGET to tell me

  28. o says:

    Damn her daughter blew up

  29. Carlos Andia says:

    alguien me puede traducir en español

  30. Rui Viegas says:

    the bible says the dead know nothing. who are you contacting ? deutoronomy 18 verse 10-12

  31. MST says:

    Its unreal that people still believe this woman…its all so fake…all they way down to her obnoxious nails…

  32. Riley Madison says:

    You're not allowed to wear fake/acrylic nails when getting surgery of any kind done. You're not even allowed to wear nail polish. I'm not saying she didn't have surgery but they likely filmed this scene as part of the show and the surgery happened prior to this moment shown.

  33. Joelles says:

    Can we just be honest ? Victoria looks good thick ! ☺️

  34. Julianne McCulloch says:

    She never quits trying to g

  35. South Paw says:

    An obvious foreigner in the USA who had someone past away in a their home country and they couldn't be there for the funeral, it is so rare that would happen. How she would of known that if she wasn't speaking to his uncle that he identified to her. His uncle also talks about his daughters beautiful eyes, I mean not all babies are beautiful right? And when they are ugly we say omg your baby is so ugly am I not right?

    I just don't get why his uncle wouldn't say anything about, hey I am his uncle and I looked after him when he was growing up. Which is exactly how that Doctor identify with his uncle.

  36. Wanda Cosgrove says:

    Who cares if she put weight on, she's still the same person!! Maybe she's been eating a little more, that could be the way she handles stress!!!.

  37. danilo dunjic says:

    she is smart and her pray is dumb

  38. Lesbia Lausell says:

    Teresa Jesús love you please go church forma pray and oil

  39. jason kevin delos santos says:

    she went to surgery with those nails and polish??

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