The Women Of Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling interview part 1

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  1. Jamie Douglas says:

    If there was true equality then there would be a "Men in Harry Potter" video.

  2. Sean Martinez says:

    My favorite character from Harry Potter books and films is Luna lovegood

  3. Shad Wilde says:

    Neville should have killed Belatrix, because she torchered Neville's parents.

  4. Karl Nordquist says:

    Molly Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, of course, Hermione Granger – WONDERFULLY written in-depth characters. Even ones on the dark side like Bellatrix Lestrange and Delores Umbridge (who's not a Voldy groupie) or Muggle Petunia Dursley are compelling to be sure – not to mention the more minor ones like Madam Bones, Puffy Pomfrey, Pomona Sprout – or even Arabella Figg
    – the students, Madam Maxine, all pretty much developed to the point of drawing the readers in. GREAT fictional creations all
    . – Molly Weasley defeating Bellatrix was NOT at all unrealistic because of the way JK Rowling molded the tale around the power of love being a very powerful magic.

  5. call me Ishmael says:

    Anyone know what curse or spell it was Molly used to kill Bellatrix?

  6. Kamilla Iqbal says:

    Bella was the best character by far


    Feminism is fine. And an inevitable outcome when you accept the treatment of females by males throughout history and around the world has been pretty oppressive, sexist, and often violent and cruel. Because of their physical size they can and have taken what they want, instituted slavery and oppression in its various forms in patriarchies wherever they've gone. For any man to deny this while at the same time insisting women are less, deserving of less, and meant to be their personal maids mistresses and sexual servants are simply male-ists or men out for their own well-being and needs alone, hence their creation of violent male 'gods' that only support the male gender and keep females boxed in, or women who enjoy and fervently support the sado-masochistic elements of this completely sick male-female societal dynamic. As far as radical feminists go, they are simply female human beings with a lot of resentment, anger, and mistrust which is a normal reaction to unrelenting and consistent abuse backed by political economic and religious based male-created laws and the adamant refusal to acknowledge their needs and natural well-being.

  8. Chelsea says:

    Best line ever! "Not my daughter You Bitch!"

  9. Thomas McMichael says:

    See…only in a fantasy world are women equal to men…bout time these dumb femmys realize that shit.

  10. A.S. IF says:

    i would love to have Mrs. Weasley as my mother. she seems so cool and nice and not as strict.

  11. ante edling says:

    Umbridge is the worst person I have ever seen.

  12. alsunpilsut says:

    Imelda Staunton played Umbridge so well. I remember feeling so pissed off watching her in the films and reading about her in the books. Rarely do I physically react to a character so passionately but she just made me sick to the stomach.

  13. Beatrix King says:

    i love JK Rowling

  14. Deborahchristinequeally Togher17 says:

    Bellatrix is like the best she is so crazy and like I just love her

  15. Alexander Howard says:

    "I consider myself to be a feminist" – uff, I hate feminists and feminism.
    The difference between men and women is not only about physical strength. Woman's mind is less creative and less original, women are less courageous, so they're intellectually different too.

  16. De Facto. says:

    Momma Weasley reminds me of my mom. She's wacky, corky, funny. loving, and defensive of her children. Perfect.

  17. Gwen07 P says:

    I LOVE that she showed a homemaker is a strong and deep female character, and she allowed the value and power of that free choice to stand just as validly as all the other shades and varieties of womanhood.

  18. unstaible child says:

    2:20 bottom left whats that sentence ….sorcerers stone?-_- …..hugh new film out i guess? never seen that

  19. Maria says:

    I know I'm mixing two fandoms together and that we're only supposed to talk about HP, but I really wish that the writers of Suicide Squad had used Helena's performance as Bellatrix as a source of inspiration, when writing Harley Quinn into live-action. Don't get me wrong, I liked most of what was done with Harley, but after watching the movie and then re-watching HP afterwards, I couldn't help but wish they had made her darker and portrayed her insanity and love for the Joker like the makers of HP did with Bellatrix and her obsession with Voldemort. đŸ™‚

    I don't know why I'm writing this here, but I needed to get it out somewhere đŸ˜›

  20. Zachary Thax says:

    I like J.K. Rowling herself more than any character in any of her books because she's HOT!

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