The Visionary, Shulk! – Classic Mode (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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Today we’re hitting up Classic Mode and Elite Smash with Shulk! Hit that like button if you enjoyed, lots of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content coming!

#SmashBrosUltimate #Shulk

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39 Responses

  1. KratosKrist says:

    Could we see some Cloud?

  2. Change says:

    Aryan race baby lmfao

  3. neoFlame 7 says:

    Do Roy soon

  4. J Rocket91 says:

    Diddy kong please

  5. Zer0w0reZ says:

    You should do Link next.

  6. Sora Shiun'in says:

    Boss up for megaman.

  7. Charlie Grace says:

    Shirtless Shulk is BEST Shulk.

  8. Soulitario25 says:

    I heard wii fit trainer is fun to do with the lights off.

  9. Jojo Pop says:

    Play Simon Next.

  10. Ankit Mondal says:

    I thought you were fluent in japanese. Didn't you know "classic mode" means "survival smash" in japanese? Bruh…

  11. ThatIdiotG Gaming says:

    Bruh I need to watch some Lucario

  12. DeltaDragon says:

    Shofu plays Xenoblade Chronicles when

  13. Wes C says:

    Fancy meeting you here


  14. Mr Heavyhitter913 says:

    Your boy Roy

  15. Thomas Jackson says:

    I wanna see the scourge of Smash 4, it's time for Bayonetta

  16. Akshay says:

    Corrin please 🙂

  17. Shemar Christian says:


  18. LizardMane says:

    mewtwo dammit

  19. Chris Wilmott says:

    Shofu with the MVC2 yipes reference lol

  20. Cren Verdis says:

    Shofu! Play BossBaby or Dunkey is mad.

  21. Ravioli says:

    do zelda next

  22. Exceed YourLimit says:

    Toon Link is my favorite out of all the classics,Triforce heroes…too bad their AI is as dumb as in that game

  23. Jake Alexander says:

    Play with the OG Pikachu

  24. Hassan The Mighty says:

    No keep it in Japanese

  25. Inkling Mario says:

    The Hands don't mess around in this game lol damage wise & attack wise buffed as hell.

  26. 68 savage says:

    King dedede time boys let's get it

  27. Andrew says:


  28. nightwing2101 says:


  29. CascoreGamer says:

    I never realized Shulk's Classic Mode gimmick until watching this video.
    Falco = Jump
    Sonic = Speed
    K. Rool = Shield
    Cloud = Buster (because Buster Sword, funny stuff)
    Little Mac = Smash
    Mega Man has access to multiple hard-won abilities just like Shulk.

    I love it.

  30. Tibasu says:

    The best part of these character picks is the people in the comments who get upset the new characters aren't being played

  31. Devin Tucker says:

    I forsaw this coming

  32. Colin Kirkpatrick says:

    I need you to do a video on corrin

  33. Wampa Stompa1996 says:

    He straight up changed his name to Garbage on twitter LMAO

  34. ThatBugBehindYou says:

    Hey man, why you sleeping on Duck Hunt tho?

  35. Loic Boyogueno says:

    Shofu how come whenever you use a character with a counter you don't use it against Master Hand and Crazy Hand? It's free damage!

  36. Dread Wolf says:

    Zelda needs you hero save her

  37. Robert Pamies says:

    I'm gonna need to see that BotW Link

  38. Ree Meroma says:

    No Simon or Richter yet? I hope either of them will show up soon.

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