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An immense graphic novel about newly conscious robots in a religious war with ancient jealous angels, and a young half-breed girl who must save them all. Created by Kevin Kelly, the co-founder of WIRED and entertainment artist Steve Masseroni, and financed by fans on Kickstarter, this huge, full-colored, oversized, 465 page hard cover graphic novel is a techno-spiritual epic that anticipates the emerging issue of whether machines can have souls. Follow us on Twitter: and Like us on Facebook: Or go to our website: Special thanks to Casey McCabe for writing the script:

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7 Responses

  1. Nathan Sterken says:

    Who did the trailer? Do you have a link to them?

  2. John Faithful Hamer says:


  3. alecmagician says:

    This is a must Own Masterpiece, written and envisioned by the same people who brought you your favorite Disney/Pixar films to life and Hollywood sci-fi universes of our time! Loved it so much that All my friends who I lent it to want to buy their own copies XD

  4. Armando Vieira says:

    On the way to my library. Looks superb. Thanks Kevin Kelly.

  5. Micah Buzan says:

    This looks cool. Really impressive illustrations.

  6. A4EProject says:

    Great trailer! Well done.

  7. Paul Waldron says:

    At least the corners aren't crushed.

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