The Rescue of Jessica McClure (Full Movie) Drama. Baby trapped in well

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Based onea a true story. Jessica was an ordinary, everyday little girl until she fell 20 feet down an abandoned well shaft in Odessa, Texas. As the day drags into night and rescue attempt after rescue attempt fails, tensions reach a fever pitch.

Director: Mel Damski
Stars: Beau Bridges (The Descendants), Pat Hingle (Batman), Roxana Zal, Patty Duke (The Patty Duke Show)
Everybody’s Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure. Drama.

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17 Responses

  1. Allison Miller says:

    I remember when this movie was on tv once and I actually set up the vcr to tape it. I kept the tape for tears until it finally wore out. It actually brought back memories from when I saw the movie at a young age at my great grandmas house but I didn’t remember the whole movie just peers of it. I seem to remember a scene where it was dark and a woman asked “what is it? Is it a baby? Is it a boy or a girl?” Now I don’t know why I remember that line but I don’t think it was in the movie at all because I watched the whole movie right after it taped and that line wasn’t there. I wonder if it was another movie because I do remember people going down into a hole to rescue a child and there were rocks all around and a foot was sticking out and the child could move it and you could hear the child crying. Were there any other rescue movies that were made for tv that were like this?

  2. Trinity Tapley says:

    Her mom Cissy does my dog's grooming

  3. Patricia Odom says:

    great movie to watch

  4. swift jillian says:

    this has been 1 of my fav movies since i was a little girl.. so happy to watch it again!

  5. 《laurapalmer》 says:

    I watched this as a kid,first time is saw it,it was weird for me.

  6. Rosewood Scout says:

    I’m not trying to blame the parents for this trust me I babysit my niece and nephew sometimes and my niece can be what you would call a wild child but I do think that this could have been prevented I’m not positive but didn’t this make child safety laws just asking

  7. Shay Fewell says:

    Actually it was Midland Tx. Where I have lived my whole life. My brother in laws father Andy Glasscock was one of the sheriff's who helped with her rescue. She and her mother own a dog grooming place down the street and is doing well.

  8. Debbie Blackledge says:

    I love the movies how old is she now

  9. Patricia Smith says:

    ooo was getting like a couldnt breathe then when he was trying to pull her out

  10. Natalie Hughes says:

    This before they make the Simpsons episode, Radio Bart. When everybody in Springfield attempts to rescue Bart in the abandoned well.

  11. Dawn MichelleKoppenhgen says:

    mr mclure looks like a 12 yr old with a mustache

  12. Dwyla Nelson says:


  13. Terri Rickert says:

    What a irresponsible babysitter & Mother. Why would she leave even one child alone in the back yard let alone so many children & so many times. Why wasn't the well "permanently sealed" Some parents should never have had children.

  14. Dena Yansaneh says:

    I'm going to fast forward I can't bare to watch this

  15. Dena Yansaneh says:

    Why did she leave those kids alone??? Nutts

  16. Vivo 15 says:

    this god is a mighty god indeed

  17. Clear Antonio says:

    stupid y she leave.

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