The Origin of Religion (Christopher Hitchens)

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Here, Hitch points out that even if arguments for god are sound (they aren’t), the conclusion that Christianity is true can never follow from them.. He then explains how all religions are born.

This clip is from one of his debates with Frank Turek. You can see one here:

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9 Responses

  1. taxation is theft memes news & more says:

    The bit about prayer was great

  2. Michael Jones says:

    God is unnecessary and Jesus is irrelevant.

  3. RhondaH says:

    Can this be shown to people in Alabama?

  4. ChipArgyle says:

    The species attributes that allowed us to survive and thrive originally are now working against us. And they are: 1. Tribalism; 2. Credulity; 3. The pathological need to control others; and the thing these three naturally lead to… 4. Religion.

  5. Jonathanedward2010 says:

    Hitch rules

  6. Jr Grover says:

    Not feeling bright today?
    Smile and remember, there are grown adults who actually believe that two penguins waddled all the way up to the Middle East from Antarctic, got on a boat made by a 500 year old man, sailed around the world for 40 days, then waddled all the way back and continued their normal life

  7. vvxvv says:

    I saw gods face in my shite. Or it could of been a tape worm.

  8. Dick Ham says:

    I miss Hitch.

  9. Star dust says:

    well made

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