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This is a condensed version of the live book club we hold every Tuesday evening at 6pm mountain time at:

In this episode we discuss the first two chapters of The Last Wish, the first of the Witcher novels (chronologically speaking).

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23 Responses

  1. Resonant Arc says:

    Let me know what you guys think of this as a template for making the book club streams into regular video uploads. I'm still trying to work out how to make these long discussions work as a youtube video. I'd like to cut them down a little more in the future if possible, but I'm open to feedback. Also, Casen was sick this week so Geralt joined me for the inaugural episode, haha. If you want to discuss books with us live then follow us on Twitch!

  2. Ajuć 00 says:

    The first short story is inconsistent with later stories, because it was initially an one-off short story for a competition in a Polish newspaper. That's why Geralt is a little different character in it (kills people for no reason), and why they are complaining about too many monsters, when in later stories they complain there are few monsters and witchers aren't needed.

    At first Sapkowski wrote one short story, he was only 3rd in that competition, but got lots of praise and continued writing short stories for the press, building the world as needed, then compiled them into one book and added The Voice of Reason to make it more cohesive and explain some stuff better. In my opinion it's a miracle it works as well as it does 😉

  3. DarkSol says:

    Although I love the entire Witcher series I much prefer the style and composition of the first two books to the rest of the saga with the overarching story. There is just something unique and magical about these smaller tales of Geralt's exploits at different times in completely different circumstances. I feel like the bigger story that begins in the third book sometimes tends to drag on a bit too much in some places and I'm not a big fan of how frequently the story has to jump between characters, time and space just to get the reader up to speed with everything that's going down. That being said, Geralt x Yen interactions are the funniest, sweetest and somehow the sexiest thing I've ever experienced in literature period. They are one of the most endearing and admirable couples in any work of fiction for sure.

  4. Yuliya Fe says:

    This is nice, somehow I missed it after the channel name change. Nivellen's story is also one of my favorites. Good exposition on the book!

  5. fab006 says:

    I’ve always thought Sapkowski had a very “cinematic” style of writing (especially, but not only, in action scenes). He gives you “shots” and close-ups and just about anything else you’d need to film it.

  6. Sam C says:

    Good work. Thanks for your analysis. Is this available in podcast form?

  7. Logan Rando says:

    Thanks so much for putting this on YouTube Mike. I was afraid I was going to miss out on this discussion series. This works perfectly for a guy like me, who likes to listen to these videos on the go. Very much appreciate this edit!

  8. Jeison Regert says:

    I love these books so much that i've been stuck in the last chapter from "Lady of the Lake" for nearly a year. I just don't want it to end. T_T

  9. See'd Barrett says:

    Thanks for adding it here on YT Mike 🙂

  10. Colin Behrens says:

    If the reader of the audiobook is the same as the one who does the Saga, I have to disagree. The way he reads Milva and Ciri as Scottish men in the 3rd book made me really dislike the book and characters, especially Milva. I feel he had to have done the characters an injustice. Going back to just reading the books, I am enjoying everyone much better.

  11. Ben Dover says:

    Sapkowski may be a good writer but his attitude towards the games that brought any awareness to his series outside of small fantasy circles kinda really sours me on the guy and his work by extension. Felt pretty nice seeing Glukhovsky (Metro 2033 author) call him out.

  12. Lasse Johan Henden says:

    Great stuff! This made me wanna read The Last wish, have listened to it on audiobook but I think it´s a good read! Mike you should check out Knut Hamsun – Hunger & Pan –

  13. John McRae says:

    Hey Mike. My copy is coming by library loan Monday so I will be behind but I will try to catch up fast.

  14. H.D Beird says:

    The Witcher aka Henry Cavil's memoirs. It's practically an inky formed documentary. Mmyep. :/

  15. Andrew Coffey says:

    This is great. I just recently finished this whole series and then replayed the Witcher 3. It was great to understand all the references from the books this time around.

  16. ChocolateRob says:

    I watched the whole video the next day (despite your labeling issues) so I'm not watching the whole of this version but there was one thing I wanted to comment on in the 'as you know' section. I did not have a problem as you did with the way that was done between Geralt and the Head Priestess where they both were fully aware of the issue of their respective beliefs. The context of them saying these things was an argument between people that know each other well, it is a valid argumentative technique where one person tries to get ahead of the other person's objections by voicing them first and dismissing them. By being both sides of the discussion you have more control over it, especially when the other party is vocally stoic by default.
    The other example you brought up about Geralt's eyes was a much better example of it being done badly I felt. He could have used the part about the instinctive but unnecessary flinching in the light without explaining the reason for it there and then mentioning the cat-like eyes later, leaving it to the reader to connect the two.

  17. Saint Boot says:

    in addition to my last comment, I want to say that while I am no good at describing WHY these books should end up on the show in the future, or these writers, they are good enough that I think that even if one does not like the books or writers I am going to list, they will still make interesting videos because you are good at them: Everything in Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, and maybe his Non Cosmere as well. The wheel of time series by Robert Jordan, the books of the underrealm series by Garrett Robinson, the Acotar and Throne of Glass series(s) by Sarah J Maas, The Night angel trilogy and Bringer of Light series(S) by Brent Weeks, the red queen series by Victoria Aveyard, the Lunar Chronicles series by marissa Meyer, Everything by Robin Hobb, Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett, the chaos born trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn, everything by Patric Rothfuss, the nevernight chronicles trilogy, and the lotus war trilogy both by Jay Kristoff, The Hobbit and the lord of the rings books by Tolkien, the silmerillian as well. I want to suggest the song of ice and fire series, but that series is not finished, and I fear it never will be.

  18. hereinsertname says:

    This book is honestly amazing. I doubt I would have ever heard of it without the success of the games, but if I had, my opinion of it would still be really high. It’s well-written, witty, and often thought-provoking. The titular “The Last Wish” chapter is my particular favorite.

  19. Robert Williamson says:

    I think Mike should seriously consider being an English/Literature teacher if he ever gets tired of Resonant Arc.

  20. Tom W says:

    Really appreciated this cut of the stream. Excellently done. If it's not too much for you, I think it's great!

  21. TheCreepypro says:

    this is cool and I like this don't have time to watch the longer version so this is much better for me I hope to see more of this soon

  22. Hardcore Bunny says:

    I don’t like plagiarized writers like this fucker who stole Geralt from Michael Moorecocks Elric.

  23. Samuel Steed says:

    Honestly I have no interest in reading Sapkowski's books after how he tried to extort CD Projeckt Red, not to mention all of his inflammatory and arrogant statements over the years.

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