The Great Gatsio – Representing the Great Gatsby Through Mario Maker

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What’s up everybody, I know I’ve been gone for like 4 months lmao. I’ve been plagued by tons of technical problems since my computer is a piece of total garbage, but I’m back and am going to definitely try to make more vids. This is for a school project if you’re wondering. Anyway, this is a mario maker level that tries to represent ideas from The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald through a Super Mario Maker level. It highlights certain ideas present in the story and keeps them going throughout the level. It is a pretty trolly level, but a lot of trolly/goofy things happen in the book and economically the 1920s was a troll if you think about the fact that the depression was literally just around the corner. Although I have no idea if they actually exist, I got good tag results for and in the tags. sounds like it would be cool, but I have no idea if that’s a thing or not lmao. Also right now seems to be doing well in the tags lmao.

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