The Division 2 Gameplay: Let’s Play Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 at E3 2018 – YEAAAH SHIMMY!

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The Division 2 will be set in Washington DC, so let’s went to explore some of the local (crash) sites! Jane jumped in with her crack team of Division agents / selfie takers. She kept Ellen informed over comms about all sorts of important stuff like riot foam attacks, drones, and emotes. Enjoy!

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36 Responses

  1. pov4756 says:

    Came for the gameplay, left because of too much girly screaming.

  2. Mathew Koottungal says:

    This is the division 2 it looked like Tom clans ghost recon wild lands

  3. Bullsnake99 Mc says:

    Jane is good enough at this game that I wanna see a series of it with her and Ellen.

  4. Samuel Weinstein says:

    god, this looks like bog standard shooter gameplay.

  5. EmmaAilie says:

    I keep hearing Achievement Hunter in the background

  6. Jan Christoffersen says:

    Just seems like it's visually updated. Hope there's more to it

  7. mistformsquirrel says:

    I wish I had some faith in this game. The Division started with an interesting premise… and I feel like it kinda squandered it – badly. The story has no satisfying resolution, there were a lot of problematic elements, and the gunplay was unsatisfying on the high end. (it was fun while leveling imo. Once I got to cap and started grinding power though… it felt like I got less powerful.)

    Also I hated the skill system, which admittedly it looks like they've overhauled. I'll just have to wait and see

  8. Titan Uranus says:

    The jump at the end of the macarena should be combined with a quarter turn! Worst game ever!

  9. Titan Uranus says:

    The president being dead has to count as a silver lining to this post apocalyptic scenario.

  10. William Hardway says:

    All the live target practice you could hope for.

  11. William Hardway says:

    Jane I love watching you shoot people who may as well be me

  12. William Hardway says:

    "Jane taking care of business" how else?.. Should I wait for further instructions? The ladies don't seem to need a goddamned word of advice.

  13. William Hardway says:

    Blow them all to smithereens, sweetheart!

  14. CallyG says:

    Where's Splinter Cell, Ellen?

  15. PeacefulPagoda says:

    Okay, WHO gave Jane grenades again?!

  16. marcherwitch says:

    So good to hear ellen's voice!

  17. gigglebob69 says:

    Loving the new location. A lot more to see and more interesting visuals. But I would love to see it in LA next 🙂

  18. killerboy 1155 says:

    nothing looks new tho

  19. VG Philosophy says:

    I’d have some sort of character I like on my pack, like Tinkerbell or Gwenpool!

  20. John Sharplin says:

    Already watched this on OXbox, but couldn't hear Ellen, so here I am again. No regrets.

  21. keg504 says:

    I thought we don't trust Jane with grenades?

  22. MUSTANG-DANNY95 says:

    that is not air force one because it has been destroyed so it is automatically air force 2

  23. seppafer says:

    As a resident of DC I can confirm that is the Capital Building not the White House. Also they did a pretty accurate job with the smaller details from what I can see now to make sure they made the Taxi's the right color

  24. K Collier says:

    "My drone is really excited!" Well, when someone looks at MY sniper rifle like that…

  25. Captain JM says:

    You know Jane & Ellen enjoyed this from the amount of times they said yesssssss or yeahhhhhh!

  26. Alfonso Ricardho says:

    3:50 oh dear.. this reminds me too much of the time of their outing on far cry 5. I can almost smell the bacon.

  27. Taracinablue says:

    Were the other Division characters being played by people at E3? Or were they AI?

  28. Aman Shaikh says:

    Is it just me who's hearing Mike in the background

  29. OliverJ0 says:

    Imagine being the bloke who gets the foam when they're handing out weapons:
    "So Brian got a sniper rifle AND a killer drone. What do I get?"
    "Like…. super deadly foam?"
    "No just like, sticky foam"
    "Ok right, but at least it's got range right, I mean, I don't have to get too close to the people with real guns?"
    "Range? Sort of a few metres I guess"
    "You want me to get within a few metres of people who're trying to shoot me with actual guns just to slow them down a bit?"
    "Pretty much, yeah"
    "Can I at least have a killer drone?"
    "Sorry, Brian got the last one ¯_(ツ)_/¯"

  30. SlimSpudly says:

    Ellen and Jane should’ve been playing this for Xbox during their E3 briefing

  31. Genesis23OPB says:

    Jane, thats not a sniper rifle, thats a DMR. basically a battle rifle with scope.

  32. Hellwyck says:

    Maybe Air force One should take… those broken wings… and learn to fly again…

  33. dekkubo boo says:

    i like bacon on toast

  34. Dylan Farley says:

    Well you can dance after you win. I guess I'm sold

  35. Benevolent Waffle says:

    Why don't they just let Ellen and Jane do their Gameplay Trailers instead of soulless voice actors?

  36. DrummieGaming one says:

    That commenting of Jane was really weird

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