The Critic – “Speed Reading”

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The clip is from The Critic, Season 2 Episode 5 – From Chunk to Hunk. Obviously, a parody of “Speed.”

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26 Responses

  1. Switch Fan94 says:

    Duude now I lost my place

  2. Jeffrey Doe says:

    Personally keanu did 'way' better than i thought he would LOL

  3. ForceMaximus84 says:


  4. Lance Winslow says:

    That stunk

  5. Turd Ferguson says:

    Reads better than Floyd Mayweather

  6. Nathan J. Campbell says:

    the joke is considerably meaner when you realize keanu has dyslexia in real life…

  7. Ben Simon says:

    Could you please post the Merchant of Venice parody with Keanu?

  8. JanetFunkYeah says:

    I wish they made that into a real movie when they had the chance.

  9. Just Some Guy with a Mustache says:

    So…Oscar, right?

  10. Dylan Vaughan says:

    this needs a live action series

  11. Jose Medina says:

    That's John Wick!

  12. MeowthRocket says:

    BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. cadman2300 says:

    That particular Dr. Seuss book might've been too advanced for him. I would've chosen Hop on Pop for some 'explosive reading'.

  14. Warboss West says:

    Is the bad guy Nicolas Cage?

  15. Jason Scarce says:

    Way better sequel than Speed 2.

  16. YorkistWhiteRose says:

    Every English class I ever endured from 4th grade to freshman year of college.

  17. Jack Jackson says:

    Hopper: "It's fish, you idiot! FISH!!!"

  18. Farcry223 says:

    That was not a clip, that was the entire movie. I love that line

  19. Raymond Gatz says:

    It Stinks!

  20. Aeroldoth3 says:

    I love how Keanu's eyes look when he says "Dude! Now I lost my place."

  21. jim jhones says:

    the bomb probable goes by your voice

  22. aangandtoph4ever says:

    This is actually the fastest Keanu Reeves has ever read in an form of reality.

  23. Gabriel Gerard says:

    Dude, now I lost my place…


  24. Shady Lane says:

    Still better than Battleship

  25. Tasa Louisville says:

    The bit where Keanu does Shakespeare is hilarious. Is it on here?

    "Hath not a dude eyes? … If we eat bad guacamole, do we not blow chunks?"

  26. AtlantaCommercials96 says:

    "ITS FISH YOU IDIOT! FISH!" God,I miss Dennis Hopper.

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