‘The Children Act’ Stanley Tucci Had a “Huge Crush” on Co-Star Emma Thompson | TIFF 2017

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‘The Children Act’ star Stanley Tucci goes “on camera” to profess his old crush on co-star Emma Thompson. They’re joined by screenwriter/author Ian McEwan and director Richard Eyre to talk about their new film with The Hollywood Reporter at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival.

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26 Responses

  1. dhgemein2 says:

    I hardly know anything about Fionn, but if Emma Thompson says he's good, then he must really be good.

  2. Asirm says:

    it is a great , deep movie , i love it

  3. Rossana Fioravanti says:

    Tucci! Ageing becomes him. He s hot!

  4. Brigitte Krause says:

    Loved the interview. Anyone know what she is wearing? Brand? Love the outfit 🙂

  5. Sandy G. says:

    Love Emma Thompson!
    Dames Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, Maggie Smith and Emma Thompson are showing the beauty of women gracefully aging.

  6. Ernesto says:

    I love everything Emma Thompson and the trailer seem to indicate she should be getting another Oscar nomination….she should have for Saving Mr.Banks….bloody academy.

  7. timothy evans says:

    Brilliant novel. The author was there but some
    one else spoke too much.

  8. Brian Boru says:

    She got better looking with age. Wondrous.

  9. Stanley Tucci Cover says:

    Is very good the filme!!! Hahaha I recommend!!! I like Stanley Tucci! Clear!!!

  10. amber colored says:

    1:53 “fee-on whitehead”

  11. Becky A says:

    I'd actually die for Emma Thompson

  12. Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald says:

    Emma ❤️

  13. halifax verbeck says:

    "fee-own"- it's finn sweetie…

  14. Alys [-: says:

    she said feeon – nuh uh hunny – FINN

  15. AJ Leigh says:

    I love you Emma Thompson!❤

  16. Lydia C says:

    Who's here because of Fionn…

  17. Cc says:

    I wanna c this so bad Emma is an amazing actresses and Stanley is amazing too looks like a great cast

  18. Alexandra Peregon says:

    Emma Thompson is a kind of human being everyone of us should aspire to be!

  19. J. B. says:

    It would have been bizarre if he didn't.

  20. Jayanth Chidanand says:

    I love Emma Thompson

  21. siddharth nagar says:

    finally people of same age playing a couple on screen

  22. 166Anna says:

    I'm so happy Emma lately got lots of interesting leading role.

  23. Adesuwa's Two Kobo worth says:

    Emma is just an alive, hilarious being. I love to listen to her. I love her work.

  24. julieta simone says:

    I have a whole new level of respect for Fionn, what an incredible actor and strong person he is. This movie is going to break my heart.

  25. oldmoviemusic says:

    Emma Thompson is the best. I hope I age like she has – her wit is unparalleled.
    Just imagine being at Cambridge with her and Stephen Fry! I think there could not be two more witty, intelligent individuals than them.

  26. Christina Stork says:

    And why wouldn't you have a crush on Emma Thompson? She's intelligent, articulate, talented, funny and pretty.

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