The Broughton Butcher by William Ash | Radio Drama (1989) |Crime, noir, Mystery

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A series of sex crimes hits a small town in Massachusetts, presenting the police with a problem that leads down a most unusual path.

Writer: William Ash
Director: Gerry Jones
Bob Steger: Nigel Anthony
Mick Brannigan: Simon Treves
Baron Franz von Stoffel: Geoffrey Whitehead
Baroness Betty von Stoffel: Helena Breck
Pat O’Dwyer: Vincent Brimble
Bill Cooper: Ricco Ross
Ilona Cooper: Naomi Wirthner
Flora Pickett: Susan Sheridan
Radio announcer: Tara Dominick

Saturday-Night Theatre: The Broughton Butcher
BBC Radio 4 FM, 2 December 1989 19.45

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3 Responses

  1. Jack McDee says:

    Thank you. Enjoyed.

  2. ADAM ANTMAN says:

    I hope this thing is better than the cheesy music at the start!

  3. clara jones says:

    Thank you so much……….

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