The 24 (!!!) Books I Read in August [NEWT’s readathon]

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Absolutely loved participating in the NEWT’s magical readathon this month hosted by Book Roast! What did you read in August?


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17 Responses

  1. Crescent Moon Reads says:

    24 books?!?! WHAT THE HECK

  2. Cheri Dudley says:

    i like your variety of genres

  3. Anna Świąder says:

    Woooow Can you count how many pages you read during NEWTs? Cause that is called sack of giant books.

  4. Jo Bee says:

    So many books!! Impressive! I‘d love to do the OWLs and NEWTs readathon at one point, looks like so much fun!

  5. with cinnamon, please says:

    24?? that's incredible! ^^

  6. Kelly M says:

    Wow 24 books that's amazing I only read 10 lol. Oh by the way Harry Potter is set in the 90s not the 80s

  7. Lara Ana says:

    My goal for 2018 was 25 books…now I feel bad

  8. Katie's Book Nook says:

    whoa congrats on reading so many books!! I am really intrigued by The Remnant Chronicles, I definitely want to pick them up soon!

  9. Jordan Sutton says:

    Yay another video:)

  10. LargeLiteratureLover -Elechia says:

    I dont see collens video linked. Am i missing it?

  11. VKliman says:

    Could you please make a video with tips on how to read more ❤❤❤

  12. readwithcindy says:

    omg 24 books is AMAZING

  13. emilynfamily says:

    Holy cow!! I can’t wait to try and tackle my NEWTs! I completed 5 OWLs in August

  14. April Nichole says:

    I’ve heard that the second and third book after A Darker Shade of Magic are better than the first.

  15. coffeeloverreaderwriter says:

    Awesome reading month! 😀 I'm hoping to read the House of Dreams book soon.

  16. Antonette Mpundu says:

    I like the alien book looks interesting

  17. Jay G says:

    24! Girl you kicked NEWTs butt!

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