Talib Kweli – Rapper Adult Fun – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored – Extended

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It took a billionaire’s opulent birthday party in the Bahamas for Talib Kweli to get his priorities in order.

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34 Responses

  1. Alejandro Manguramas says:


  2. doing what you're not says:

    This show was better with ari

  3. Eight O Spades says:

    i just learned that ive been saying recognizance wrong my entire life…lol

  4. Katrina Hairston says:

    This video is uncensored yet they censored the name lol

  5. Gagi Ugrekhelidze says:

    why is talib kweli doing standup lmao?

  6. FIghts, Fails, and Fools says:

    Goodness, I didn't know comedy central did fail videos.
    This was story telling time, not comedy.

  7. Dragonfly X says:

    "Your day 1s are your A1s" truth man

  8. Jay Bee says:

    Great story… I guess. Just like Ari bringing up Andrew WK tho, it doesn't fit. The intro to the show is "a bunch of COMICS just telling stories". The thing comics have in common is fuckin comedy. Good story I guess. We kno hes a rappist and hangs with all the names he dropped FFS but it's not funny. At all.

  9. Josh Christian says:

    If you are perusing for top quality comedy, please dont stop here.

  10. Dead Head says:

    Peter Thiel. Fuck those bleeps.

  11. Tee Rex says:

    Mans never seen a tree house?

  12. Cove AKA Covergeist says:

    One of the best rap concerts ive seen… I even posted a rant he did in nashville… I am offended by most the shit he says on twitter… O well… Maybe we can be friends in real life.

  13. ThatVictorianGuy says:

    Peter nygard

  14. After Zanzibar says:

    Hollywood is just grabbing anybody to tell a story on here now. It used to actually be FUNNY COMICS…

  15. Gilbert Hale says:

    Good story

  16. Steven Guerrero says:

    Rock with the People that rock with you. Rock steady

  17. ethervagabond says:

    It's not hard to figure out what Peter he's talking about with a basic Google search.

  18. axe693axe says:

    Directed Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    Who is Peter Jackson .

  19. deadmanoncampus says:

    Peter Thiel?

  20. NetherTraveler says:

    As a musician, well put

  21. ryu Tripp says:

    What was funny?

  22. Mayah Harrison says:

    When did Talib become a comedian?!

  23. the brain says:


  24. Ether Jones says:

    I absolutely love Talib Kweli!!!!!

  25. XxcovenguyxX says:

    In case anyone didn't know, it's Peter Nygård.

  26. christian garcia jr says:

    The stories on here suck now how is this funny?

  27. Joe D says:


  28. BeauAmoureux.com says:

    Peter Nygård

  29. Said TONEY says:

    I'm glad I have been able to see him live. That's a good dude right there.

  30. newp says:

    Talib is such a dumb, industry puppet. I told him on Twitter that Blacks would swear Trump is the greatest president ever, and he can't understand it. He can't fathom why 400 young black conservatives would be invited to the White House. This guy is a hollyweird, liberal loser.

  31. Nick Razo says:

    Applebees has such good songs on their commercials

  32. DYRTEE BYRDS says:

    Lion of Hip-Hop right here… watching him is like watching Henry Rollins- totally worth viewing no matter what medium they are dressed in for the night-

  33. drew son says:

    Damn that. Sooo crazy maybe it’s cuz I just started my wake n bake but I watch hella of these episodes… this is the best ones so far only because it made me cry…. very heartfelt at the end !! I love it ! Didn’t laugh as much but I loved the story !!!!!!!!

  34. gennin35 says:

    I cant believe kweli is on here holy shit

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