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Wally Reads the Classics Eps 6

Views:3100|Rating:5.00|View Time:53Minutes|Likes:181|Dislikes:0Jason Spisak plays Kid Flash / Wally West from Young Justice doing Shakespeare’s “When in disgrace” sonnet.


My Favorite 2018 Non-Fiction Reads

Views:4|Rating:5.00|View Time:13:34Minutes|Likes:1|Dislikes:0These are my top 8 nonfiction reads of 2018. These are not 2018 releases, just books I read in 2018. I hope you enjoy! 🔥🔥DON’T FORGET TO...


Recommended Reads: Series!

Views:188607|Rating:4.95|View Time:12:1Minutes|Likes:5735|Dislikes:63OPEN FOR REVIEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS, AND MORE! * * FIND ME ELSEWHERE Goodreads- goodreads.com/hailsheartsnyc Twitter- twitter.com/hailsheartsnyc Instagram- hailsheartsnyc Snapchat- hailsheartsnyc Main contact- [email protected] WANT TO BUY...


J.K. Rowling reads: “The Dementor”

Views:3438|Rating:5.00|View Time:52Minutes|Likes:27|Dislikes:0J.K Rowling reads an excerpt from her book “The Prisoner of Azkaban”. The short reading took place at the Rosie O’Donnell Show in 1999. I combined the...


Mark Reads ‘Wintersmith’: Chapter 2, Part II

Views:907|Rating:5.00|View Time:29:42Minutes|Likes:23|Dislikes:0This is for Zoey! Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/markdoesstuff?ty=h You can purchase your own sponsored Mark Reads video here: http://markdoesstuff.com/products/mark-reads-mark-watches-video-commission Visit my sites! http://markreads.net http://markwatches.net


Nonfiction Reads of 2018 || MYIB

Views:2|Rating:5.00|View Time:7:32Minutes|Likes:1|Dislikes:0Time stamps: Sea Monsters – 1:02 Dukla – 2:08 The Story of My Life – 3:41 Home – 4:09 The Hiding Place – 5:45 Unbroken – 6:03...

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