T 34 Russian Victory Documentary

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40 Responses

  1. Cold Beer says:

    How much different would the world be today if somebody had busted cap in Stalin's face a week into his rule?

  2. brufnus says:

    It's not "Russia" and "Russians", it's "the Soviet Union" and "Soviets"'. Many of them are not Russians, but Georgians, Ukrainians, Kazakh, etc. It's like saying today that all who live in the EU are Germans or French.

  3. Rant Therapist says:

    I love the American tank expert. You can feel the passion when he talks about tanks. Beautiful to see other people so passionate about history. Love it. Good man.

  4. peter balikin says:

    t34 tipped its Hat ( i mean turret) hahaha to a GERMAN TIGER …

  5. Tg G says:

    As a Pole I have nothing against the tank crew fighting and etc. My issue is the big wigs…. these are the ones that make the world polarized.

  6. TheSeaRoach says:

    I <3 Russia

  7. Joseph Stalin says:

    The one thing I got from this video. T-34's are made of Stalinium.

  8. Max Rebhorn says:

    Reliable xD that joke is realy good

  9. JIM SNOW says:

    where are all the t34 experts from war thunder and other video games at ?

  10. Robs says:

    My grandpa's brother was part of a T-34's crew. He was a Finnish soldier and so they drove one the Russians had left for them.

  11. granskare says:

    it is strange that communists act the way they do – if the were "normal" people, we could get along.

  12. Kevin Schultz says:

    Ik everyone is complaining but please watch the chieften’s video on the T-34. He mentions how the Russians weren’t the first to invent sloped armor. They were the first however to implement extreme sloped armor into a main battle tank.

  13. Sheila Morrison says:

    Even a military historian peddling the 5 Shermans to kill a Panther BS. 5 is the smallest tactical unit in US tank doctrine of the time. You couldn't send less than that.

  14. Biff McLargeHuge says:

    400,000 soldiers lost… on one side…in the battle of Berlin. Think about it

  15. Yoyle 0340 says:

    First tank to have sloped armor
    Early ww2 tanks: hold my beer

  16. BIGGLES flys again says:

    T-34-85s were around but "too cool" for the Russian soldier !….a tad beyond their mentality !

  17. Scott Oiab says:

    Half of soviet military jailed! Get your facts straight. 7.3% were jailed not 50%!

  18. Martha Ferrufino says:

    Russians hate fascism but American capitalism is something they can live with I suppose

  19. Daniel McGREW says:

    The over-rated (early!) T-34     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98JbJuXE3JE

  20. Candy extreme says:

    The Russian heavy tanks were a nicely satisfying answer to Hitlers Blitzreig! Man he screwed up when he attacked the USSR.

  21. Jef Rey says:

    The T34 was not nearly as good as the worst German tank but the t34's were super reliable, cheap and easy to build and easy to drive. The USSR used superior numbers over quality, and after the German advance stalled they just didnt have enough running tanks to handle the t34s. There was like 25 t34s for every 1 German tank.

  22. bill howes says:

    WORLD HISTORY: Little has ever been mentioned about the amazing "PINK PANZER". A flamboyantly "Gay" German Tank Commander. His Slogan, even back in 1941 was "Gay as Hell and I fight like a Dog." I don't get it either but, he killed hundreds with his ferocious Tank Attacks. -Bill Howes, Second lieutenant, Canadian Tank Commander. also a Second lieutenant, Russia Army. I was busy.

  23. raj paudel says:

    As far as I understand if hitler had not attacked at two frontier at same time specially the Russian .. today we would have been doing hail hitler… that’s for sure..

  24. No God says:

    American (b.s.) propaganda: everything Soviet-made is bad.

  25. Clorox Bleach says:

    Fucking alied bias

  26. destroy453 says:

    Late to the party, but based on the few documentaries I’ve seen, if WW2 hadn’t happened then the Soviets may have never been an industrial power until later in the 20th century

  27. bad campa says:

    Nice blend of facts and fiction

  28. Bryan Salamanca says:

    Russain bias Gaijin plz nerf

  29. Teabone Bones says:

    Shows that Walter Christy knew more about Tanks than the American Generals.

  30. Frost Roxie says:

    2nd front my ass….. more like the 4 th or 5 th

  31. Joshua Goff says:

    the t-26 had armor

  32. janusx66 says:

    Shame they never mention the t-34-85 came almost at the end of the war at the front, so the amazing gun story a bit overrated

  33. Alin Draganescu says:

    It is history of russian-german war. Very few details about the tank.

  34. rol Luk says:

    t-34 actually missed only one thing i guess-my look they can copy Tigers chassy( where wheels working like extra armor and covering tanks bottom sides)- watch out how Tiger looks from the side….(every wheel works like extra shield)my look very cool desicion

  35. rol Luk says:

    t-34 diesel engine(doubles range),armor on angle 2inch- insted 3 inch(same result- lower weight)what effects speed, chasi with wheels in a row(if one of them get hitted machine still will be funkcional),projectable power ?- 76- 85 mm(85 mm was able to smash Tigers front armor)so my look- Tiger maby nr1, but T-34 sure thing nr2, and all others just crap lol

  36. Sheng Han says:

    A bunch of drunken polar bears.

  37. Alann Hod says:

    Wow so many actual T34 tank drivers have congregated here in the comments to share their experiences driving the machine during the war! Absorb all information at will! These are our most knowledgeable experts with first hand wisdom on the topic. These are not your average childrens making comments from summary of how much of video they've seen so far and from knowledge gleaned by scrolling through the comments full of other prostitutes and childrens pioneering the way.

  38. H0st_le says:

    When you think about it the T-34 was a good as it could be since the su was literally being invaded. If America or Britain was being invaded they probably would've rushed their tanks out of the factory even if they were incomplete

  39. Jean Claude says:

    Russia died in 1918 when the Judeo-Bolsheviks took over from the ethnic Russian peoples and established a communist hell hole. During the war over 700,000 Russians defected to the Wehrmacht and formed the Russian Liberation Army.

  40. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard says:

    Hitler was a dumb ass. He should have consolidated his victory in France and really built up strength after that big victory. And he should never have declared war on America. But no, he just rushed from one conflict to another created by him, like the dumb ass evil shit he was. thank God he was a dumb ass corporal !

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