Superpowers You Can Get RIGHT NOW!

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Check out these superpowers you can get right now! From flying to telekinesis and superhuman strength, this top 10 list of superhero gadgets can turn you into batman or superman today!

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10. Telekinesis
It might seem odd that arguably one of the most beneficial superpowers are so low on this list, but it’ll make sense before long. Telekinesis is the ability to move things with your mind. Seen by such comic book characters as Jean Grey, Professor X, and more, the stronger your mind is, and the more control you have over your power, the more you can lift.

9. Immunity To Pain
Another interesting one, but also one that’s dangerous in its own right, is being able not to feel pain. Now, you might think, “Why would I want such a thing?” Well, when your body feels pain, it doesn’t just affect the body, it affects the mind and your emotional state. You have to react to the pain, or focus to block it out.

8. Iron Suit
If there’s one thing that comics have taught us over the years, it’s that you don’t need to have “real” superpowers to be a superhero. Characters like Batman, Wildcat, and Iron Man prove that if you have the skills, you can do what’s necessary to get the job done. Of those three, Iron Man has one of the most desired “superpowers” in the form of his Iron Man suit.

7. Wall Crawling
Spider-Man is one of the most popular superhero characters of all time. And because of that, he is beloved for many of his powers. While I wish I was going to use this post about getting a real-life Spider-Sense, I sadly have to talk about one of his other powers. No, not webshooting, the other one, wall-crawling.

6. Bulletproof
Today’s world is violent, massively so in fact. And one of the biggest perpetrators of this violence is guns. Many people fear being shot, so you wouldn’t be laughed at for wanting to be bulletproof. There are many characters that are bulletproof for one reason or another. Superman is because of his connection to the sun, Luke Cage is legendary for his whole body being bulletproof because of an accident.

5. Healing
While many superpowers are based on being able to do something offensively, or even defensively, one power that most people agree would be cool to have no matter who they were is healing. Made most famous by Wolverine, having a healing factor would be dramatically epic.

4. Invisibility
When people ask each other what superpower they want, invisibility is often near the top, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s practical, used by my superheroes and supervillains like Invisible Woman, Doctor Doom, and it can be one that you can use in everyday life. It makes perfect sense why people would want it. So, are we close to it? Yes, actually certain variations of invisibility are available right now.

3. Super Speed
Ah, another one of the holy grail superpowers, super speed. The Flash, Quicksilver, Jay Garrick, and more have wielded speed for all sorts of great things…and bad things, but that’s beside the point.

2. Super Strength
The OTHER major holy grail superpower is super strength. Being able to life up cars with one hand, or punch through solid stone without a scratch to your hand. It’s a very pleasing and intriguing thought. Even though some of us would just want to be the Hulk so we could smash things…not me though!

1. Flight
The top 3 of this left are truly some of the superpowers people wish they had the most. But the biggest one in many polls is Flight. So many heroes and villains and characters fly there’s no time to run them all down. However, the appeal of the power is worth talking about.

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47 Responses

  1. World 5 List says:

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  2. Blankety Blank says:

    I can stop pain, like a scratch. But I can't stop enteral pain. Guess I'll have to deal with stomach aches for now

  3. Nami PlayzYT says:


    wakes up

  4. Ok3ymaay ! says:

    If i were to have powers it would be either
    1. Omnipotence
    2. Shark physiology
    3. Time travel

  5. faith Holden says:

    I want to get invisibility so if I get caught by the police I can get away

  6. Reese_ Peanut_butter_cup lynn says:

    I have at least 3 I can't tell one is kindness that is the forth one

  7. Nicolas Swigelaar says:


  8. Adurna Bright says:

    I am, The flash!

  9. HeatedManiacツ says:

    My sister has that unavailability to feel pain disease but its a diorder that doesnt allow her to feel pain

  10. Dog Slide says:

    ok this is cool but none of these are receivable right now

  11. Wyatt Laos says:

    Control the weather

  12. Hailey Bug says:


  13. Hailey Bug says:

    This is very helpful!!!

  14. Gabrielle Ireland says:

    I want the ability to read the past and future by touching things or looking at things

  15. Jack Kaufman says:

    i would want flying

  16. Sebastian Brown says:

    How is this now this is more like late or if your born with it

  17. Kal el says:


  18. lumber_emo says:

    i am kinda imume to pain since i feel pain everyday and my pain border gets higher by the day

  19. Craven Kief says:

    xray vision

  20. DAISY GIRL says:

    I need every thing
    Help me

  21. Faceless Films productions says:

    Well the best super power I would want is to be able to stop myself from clicking this video

  22. Alexander Torres says:

    I want to know how to clone

  23. Pine Aplle says:

    I dont fell pain

  24. izjusme izonlyme says:

    The invisibility cloak isn't that bad. You ever played halo with active camo

  25. sonny sonny says:

    i want super speed

  26. Glamorous World1129 says:

    OMG I AM

  27. Ally _PlayzRBLX says:


  28. GamingWith_SandStorm K says:

    what about imortal or shape-shifting

  29. GamingWith_SandStorm K says:

    Telekinesis is pretty hard and easy to master because telekinesis is all in the mind

  30. StickDude F says:

    Title: Superpowers you can get right now
    Reality: Superpowers you can’t get right now
    Well done

  31. Red Yt says:

    I can read minds kinda

  32. JackGamingYT YouTube says:

    Lazer eyes

  33. Yarrah Concepcion says:


  34. Yarrah Concepcion says:


  35. King Barrios says:

    I want super saiyan God power now

  36. Pond says:

    All I wish is just to read minds lol

  37. Mackenzie Ramsay says:

    I want lighting
    So I can shock someone

  38. Bot Shork says:

    Video is al about this

    -I want run superfast
    +you can walk with exoskeleton

    -uhh.. okay i want to be super strong

    -but.. I….

  39. leah sunny Light says:

    I want telekinesis…..

    ====one hour later====

    Yay i got the power!

  40. Cezar Bou ghannam says:

    I liked telekinesis

  41. Kitty Kat고양이 says:

    I need telekinesis Right now!

  42. Jen Casey says:

    I wanna go back to time, to stop my mistakes and my cats from dying

  43. Panda Kid says:

    This is not a super power

  44. Encryption Studio's • says:

    I would want flying and just recreate Spider-Man's powers with it, here's how.
    Wallcrawling Simple, Just Fly while Climbing the wall.
    Swinging Act like your shooting the web and how to swing is just fly forward while going up and down.
    WallRunning Basically Wallcrawling but running.
    Shooting Web
    Still working on that one though.

  45. taro yamada says:

    I want powers that I can fly, change into animals,I can summon powerful things

  46. Mahesh Pandey says:

    it is not right now

  47. Panagiota Theodoridou says:

    I want to understand animals or transform into a person or a thing for cheating on tests 🙂

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