Super Smart Fire Safety Rules for Kids

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Carmen visits a firehouse to talk with Fireman Dan and Douser about Super Smart Fire Safety Rules including:
• Know Your Way Out
• Stay Low and Go
• Stop, Drop, and Roll

This fire safety video for children was produced by the Injury Prevention Program at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware – and made possible through a grant from Kohls.
Teachers and schools are welcome to us this video for educational purposes.

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21 Responses

  1. sirajudeen Shamsudeen says:

    The Terror Castle ghost train ride at Brean Theme Park, Brean, Somerset,

  2. Optimize My Airbnb says:

    I just started up a relevant channel and have been adding content weekly, stop by when you ahve a moment!

  3. Voltage Games says:

    This was in my recommendations and I just cringed hard.

  4. Rodney Galvin says:

    I don't have a escape plan

  5. Bruslee St Pierre says:

    very helpful

  6. Isabella Jankowski says:

    Well done but it’s a bit childish 😉

  7. Willie Perkins says:

    thanks! we had a scare today & my toddler is curious, confused & scared. so we've been trying to explain and teach. but this video was perfect. got his attention.

  8. Dave Austin says:

    I like the video too and showed it to my two kids, but had to show them how to stop, drop and roll because they had no idea what the dance was talking about. 🙂

  9. LaMar Brown says:

    Great video. I'm teaching my daughter this now. One serious complaint would be the stop drop and roll dance. It would be best if you showed kids exactly what to do if on fire. I'm also a teacher and I'm unable to show my students this video because of the ending. Otherwise great information.

  10. FRM YT says:

    I think I'm gonna show leafy this

  11. STRICKO Rc says:

    if you read this comment you will have a great day 🙂

  12. Monique Bratton says:

    You have 2 get out fast the and leave your stuff

  13. Helmi Kent says:

    I like it

  14. Elisabeth Wahlman says:

    Good video

  15. Beautifulbat says:

    That fire happens to my old refrigerator

  16. Paige Lifefountain says:

    Thank u SO much!

  17. rocketmonster78 says:

    This is a great video. without it i would never know what to do if there was a fire.

  18. aidhcvideos says:

    That's a good point. Thank you for posting.

  19. aidhcvideos says:

    Glad you found this fire safety information useful – hope you got an "A"!

  20. Jordan Bono says:

    thank you very much you helped me on my fire safety poster for school i used some of the facts!

  21. Patti Bateman says:

    Great video, but teach your kids not to touch the door or door knob with the palm of their hand. Use the back of the hand! There are fewer nerves in the back of your hand.

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