Stephen King Round-Up

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Stephen King is one of my favorite authors- here are a few books I’ve read recently!

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  1. LeRoy Buchanan says:

    2:382:41 you're really pretty

  2. Old Blue's Chapter and Verse says:

    Madison — where are you at? You’ve disappeared. Just wanted to let you know that you’re missed and that I hope everything is okay. I’ve been eagerly awaiting your next video, my friend.

  3. Old Blue's Chapter and Verse says:

    I’ve only ever read two King novels, The Stand and Salem’s Lot, both of which I love. The latter will probably be mentioned at some point in a video, specifically how scared it made me one night in particular and how the TV movie when I was a kid drove me to make a store of crosses from bulk tongue depressors.

  4. John Williams says:

    Interesting! I found 11/22/63 to be the best of your three selections. It was so immersive and richly detailed, I really didn't want to leave the 60's. I had my doubts going-in, because time travel stories are so "done," but King really did a nice job with this one. I especially enjoyed reading about the life he lived in the years preceding the assassination. I would rank this in the top five of King's novels, my favorite being The Stand. Oddly enough, although I've read so many of his novels through the years, I've never read The Shining. Good video!

  5. PK's Books says:

    Hi, enjoying your videos 🙂 im so glad you spoke about Insomnia, that was my first Stephen King book, and I loved it, id say that was the book that pushed me into reading as an adult, its been a long time since I read it though, need to re-read that one.  I wonder if you've read 'Just After Sunset' short stories by Stephen King.  The first short story in that book called 'Willa', that really touched me and sparked my imagination…id say that's my fav Stephen King story. 🙂 Sometimes what you read stays with you and that's def one.

  6. Larry Peninger says:

    I would not say shocked and appalled. Everything those kids did in that book, aside from killing psyco-clown is normal. The sex seen was graphic and was also a physical bonding between all of them. It also kind of represents how messed up Beverly's overall life was . Both as a child and an adult.
    Don't let the sex outweigh the power of story.

  7. Pochemuchka says:

    Hey I just found your channel and I love how you talk about books! Thanks for making this videos <3

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