Stephen King on Pennywise, Carrie and Shining

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The King of Horror in Hamburg, 20th of November 2013.

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30 Responses

  1. heavy meddle says:

    I really like most of what I've read from Mr King, but the one that I want to read again is The Long Walk. Stuck with me

  2. Alan Braswell says:

    The video sucks.

  3. Existential Crisis says:

    Stephen King should do ASMR

  4. Macaroni and Cliches says:

    What's the one sequel doctor what?

  5. nimos1 says:

    Where is 'The Shining' mentioned here, apart from the briefest mention of Jack Torrance?

  6. Kyle Noe says:

    He don't write sequels….and since he's not controlled by Disney he can never be coerced into doing that.

  7. Paula G Whyte says:

    He's so right about his characters. He makes you like them. You have to like and root for the characters. That's why Friday the 13th and so many slasher movies don't work because the characters are just fodder for the slasher/killer and you already know it. You need sympathetic protagonists and people you want to root for and people who fight back!

  8. William Shaw says:

    Dammit, why didn't he ask King which scenes from the book gave him nightmares after King set up the question like that?

    What scared me about It wasn't the monsters or the clown but the scenes of animal torture and murder. I'm okay with it now, but I remember thinking "he shouldn't be writing about this" when I was 13 and first reading the book. King once said people sent him more letters about the opening of "The Dead Zone", where Greg Stammas kicks a dog to death, than any other scene he wrote, but it was hard to get through some of the passages about Henry Bowers and Patrick Hockstetter.

  9. James Hohn says:

    Didn't he write this coked out of his mind? no judgement just curious

  10. nahmanini sithole says:

    And there was no problem with clowns until John Wayne Gacy came along. Pennywise the dancing clown was soon to follow and that was it for clowns. They became rappers and hip- hop performers. Strange but true.

  11. Chole Lane says:

    Stephen king kills it with all his books but my favorite is pet semtrie

  12. Krümelbär ́s Film Fun says:

    Stephen King is the KING of Horror. I like his books and I like the films.

  13. King Diamond says:

    He is horror master!

  14. Jessica Freels says:

    He says that thing about the Mummy in Desperation. It's an inside joke between David and his friend Brian

  15. Adam Rausin says:

    does anyone know what king thinks of it,and how much he personally enjoys it?(his own novel)

  16. OmadoleN says:

    Who the hell wrote the annotations? You do realise the host is speaking German, not jibberish…

  17. Ult imated says:

    Carrie vs. Pennywise.

  18. Leo Brannan says:


  19. Cup Cake Unleashed says:

    Stephen King is a wannabe Lovecraft

  20. OSSEF9 says:

    His nose is unusually far from his upper lip

  21. David Perry says:

    Go, Dean R. Koontz!

  22. David Perry says:

    He looks similar to the person on his last bite of breath.

  23. Israfael D. says:

    What an amazing man and writer.
    I love Stephen King, he brought so many characters and worlds.

  24. SpeedBoost says:

    This video in in a nutshell : Every sentence Stephen King finishes the audience cheers and laughs for 5seconds.

  25. Jakob Lohman says:


  26. Javier JM says:

    first time i watch a stephen king interview. The guy is so funny xD

  27. Salud 74 says:

    Ist das eine deutsche veranstaltung? wo war sie?

  28. René Moncayo says:

    Listening to German, perhaps Kurt Barlow's backstory and his master could be explored

  29. Chris Hansen with dateline NBC says:

    Stephen king is OG but goddamn he's freaky looking

  30. rhymeandreasoning says:

    there is a water drainage vent right on my corner I pass by it a dozen times a day. Everytime I think of "IT"

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