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http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Lucid-Dream-Tutorial Atheist Atheism Speed Reading Exercises techniques Tutorial or How to. I am teaching a simple but very effective method of speed reading in my 400 subscriber late special because I’m close to 500 subscribers. Have fun and PRACTICE is all there is to mastering speed reading. Check out my Shop of Useful and Weird Stuff! (It’s currently under construction)
http://buyusefulstuff.moonfruit.com/ Check out my new YouTube Channel, http://youtube.com/superhumannate. I’ll upload at least 1 science tutorial video each week covering chemistry, electronics, computer science and more. ———————————————————YouTube has stolen my rights to all my channels and disabled my monetization all under false pretenses. Unfortunately, I’m a student and money is an issue and the monthly cash helps a lot. There is no alternative to the YouTube adsense monopoly so I will delete everything and reupload my videos in 3 days. Check out my new channel. http://opensourcenow.webs.com/

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41 Responses

  1. ayoub bbx says:

    best video

  2. Ruslan Kolomiyets says:

    Well done, Nathaniel! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques! So helpful.

  3. GreatEiEi says:

    this helps a lot thanks!

  4. gianpietro verì says:

    nice !!

  5. baba tarate says:

    very nice and best of luck

  6. s s says:

    Word not letter 🙂

  7. Tef says:

    Hi Nathaniel. I'm a little confused about what you mean when you say minimizing eye movement because eye movement is necessary to go from line to line. Today, I minimized my eye fixation to 2 times per sentence. My questions are: how long do you have to practice before you start seeing the picture and how fast am I suppose to read?

  8. James Sunioj says:

    Thank you very much.

  9. skeche says:

    this is by far the best tutorial on how to speed read, so many other crap on youtube. although your new speed reading channel tutorial isn't very good either. this video summarised the method best.

  10. Jimmy Palacios says:

    Than you

  11. 32602teipir says:

    How much hours a day would be a resonable amount of practice to achieve this? Thanks.

  12. WordsOfLife4You says:

    Thank you for sharing useful techniques

  13. Joseph Gerard says:

    Giving tips for speed reading is great, but get situated first, or have a buddy hold the camera and get some good lighting. Good grief…thanks for the actual tips though.

  14. Akmal R. says:

    thanks for the info, i subbed

  15. Ken W says:

    lasers done here,lol.in condo,smilz n was intrestn,got anymorez.sept 15th.2013/609am…but what if ur wrong.in belief thingy..

  16. Ken W says:

    hey,smilz from myrtle beach,sc,usa..its sept 15th/6am,,liked your video,also liked the way you just "did it"..go straight to it,without a long winded speech..me i was wondering,is,that how is the brain gonna know whats been read,as u havent really read it seems youve really scanned,um like a xerox copier..lol..oh like your glasses..smilz~

  17. Sheeda Skateboarding Bihac says:

    ufos exist bro, wake people up

  18. Gabriel Timar says:


    When you follow the pen, are you looking at the tip of your pen or you looking at the words?

  19. J C says:

    At first your eyes/brain just CANT recognize anything. Once you sit there for hours practicing (the right way mind you) your brain will be able to absorb the words as knowledge. You just have to use to seeing words like this as you haven't ever been taught to read like this.

  20. Rıza Aydemir says:

    It sure looks like going to increase reading speed, but can you read this much fast and understand evertything while reading academic books ?

  21. BenGeocth says:

    Okay, I tried this, but I have a comprehension of 0%, leaving reading pointless. How do I do this?? I have scoured the internet looking for means of training myself to read at a more intense rate. Advice?

  22. 1MissLovely1 says:

    I'm hopeless. 🙁
    Nothing's entering my mind

  23. UNGETABLE7 says:

    Later on you can back up from the page a little and read in chunks.. A whole paragraph.. Comprehension improves with time.. As for "heavy reading" you can use a pad/paper and your pen and write down every key question you have, what was important for you etc.. Memory and speed 2in 1.. Great upload, have a good one..

  24. MsWackypanda says:

    So this is athiest speed reading?

  25. Inshane! says:

    I liked this video because of the fail at 0:30.
    HEP -_-

  26. Patricia Thom says:

    How often do I need to traine to see results?

  27. Red Whinemann says:

    Very helpful! Thanks for the video!

  28. Carlos Arthur says:

    thanks for that dude, i didn't tryed yet, but can you tell me plz how the understanding part comes along ?

  29. trickster77100 says:

    Thank you SO much! This has increased my reading speed by A LOT. You may not understand EVERY little sentence but you get the general idea and get the full understanding. This is a REALLY good method! Thanks again! Subed

  30. mikebiketrike says:

    Hey it's been a year so I think you must have some new experience.. What do you do with those heavy content books on subjects like Philosophy/science? Maybe this would be a could thing to cover on your next video! : D ooo and you said you had a reading comprehension of 70%. How does someone calculate that?

  31. mikebiketrike says:

    WOAH. In theory that could work! gonna try this you sly son

  32. departe says:

    when i will undestand what a read

  33. TheXErnesto says:

    I read it with my soul

  34. Maltom Barn says:

    Awesome video !You made it very clear unlike a lot of the other videos on YouTube.

  35. Станимир Христов says:

    There isn't very big difference between 900 and 1000 wpm.

  36. K J says:

    No that a lie, the world record for reading is 4700 wpm and it only 50% comprehension

  37. Nøra Reed says:

    This seems impossible to me right now, but I will try. :O

  38. Alan Ihsan says:

    25000 per minute? That sounds impossible, how long does it take you to finish a book?

  39. ryan2685 says:

    man i just found out about this thing called photo reading and the good thing is…it actually works! Now my reading speed is about 25000 words per minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Desteddyeggroll says:

    They are words, not letters.

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