Sinach lifestyle & biography, awards, networth, family,cars, friends, hometown by myceleb cafe

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sinach biography and lifestyle, Networth,cars collection ,house,awards, spouse,partner
sinach songs collection,latest songs
sinach hometown

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19 Responses

  1. Gracious Kabanda says:

    you were born a Gospel singer after all the fame you acquired u still carries the same dignity u had even way back. u are a star sis keep up inspiring people

  2. Mildred Noval says:

    Thank you sinach..Im bless

  3. annabelle brown says:

    My lovely sis. From different mother,I love you so so much. You make me shad tears of joy each time I listing to your worship songs,…. I keep wondering if you are really human or an Angel I wish I could sing like you. I pray that God should incubate you with his divine strength 24/7 and more inspirations. Love more

  4. Henri Waetheane says:

    Marceline caledonie

  5. Chileshe Zulu says:

    To the person reading this, you are who God says you are. You are made in the image of God, The Creator ofย  heaven and earth. Because of His love for you and I, He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for you so that you can have everlasting life and not go to hell. Jesus Christ is the only Messiah, the King of kings, the Beginning and the End. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the whole world. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, invite Him into your heart/life today. Wherever you are, He can hear you for He is everywhere. Remember Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God. Jesus loves you sooooo much so that He gave His life for you. You are valuable…You are loved.

  6. Myceleb Cafe says:

    Thank you for your feedback ! Please subscribe our channel . It keeps us motivated . Please subscribe !
    Watch our another videos : #mycelebcafe

  7. Mrs ABIGIL NDIWENI says:

    No English vocabulary word l can use from any Dictionary to describe you Great Woman of God l can only personally say lm giving you a million stars for being an inspiration to us young upcoming Women.

  8. Osas Odemwingie Osas Odemwingie says:

    You people are fully yourselfs what is omotola picture doing in SINACH LIFE net and welts video she's bless that i agreed with you but all this do not really matter.

  9. Ebelechukwu Ike says:

    The first picture is not Sinach!

  10. Miriam Kinyua says:

    wow you can never be God's worshipper and remain poor glory to God

  11. Glorious Doghor says:

    the first picture is not sinach

  12. God Loved says:

    I would like to know the real purpose of this video. Anyway Iโ€™m so glad she is a blessed servant of God.

  13. Joseph A Gbanja says:

    She keep me in touch with Jesus everyday

  14. Kainy Frances says:

    Lifestyle is so great know one knows like sinach know s

  15. Anita GBIDI - GBEGOU says:

    Good Job

  16. Mary's Discoveries says:

    An anointed woman of God, I love her music!

  17. Tina T.Korleh says:


  18. Chris Osumo says:


  19. Melain Mengwi says:

    I love her and her songs

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