Shakespeare In and Out

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Directed by Peter Shushtari (1999)
Starring Roger Shank, Razel Wolf, William Neenan

The Spinal Tap of the Adult Film industry!
This hilarious mockumentary follows the life and times of Rich Longfellow, a bright-eyed young man from the Midwest whose only dream is to play Hamlet on stage with the Royal Shakespeare Company. However, his career path takes an unexpected detour when he moves to Los Angeles and finds work in the adult film industry, where his sizeable “assets” turn him into an overnight sensation!

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11 Responses

  1. SAMEER sameer says:


  2. Darth Graggus says:

    Damn, I really like Troma films with lot of sex in them. Personally I feel this one needed some more sex scenes in this one but, oh well. cheers.

  3. creadcharles says:

    Funny, charming, delightful 🙂 thanks for upload troma

  4. joesatana says:

    @ClassTutorial first class garbage, you mean.

  5. Fiona Cahill says:

    Funny stuff…:-)

  6. morbidchid says:

    Very underrated movie.

  7. diego vizcarra says:


  8. ClassTutorial says:

    Garbage movies…!

  9. vilsu2 says:

    And which do you prefer to?

  10. Beclocs says:

    One man's garbage is another man's WOAH! BOOBS!

  11. vilsu2 says:

    I realize I have been watching garbage all my life.

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