Semi-Circles by Simon Brett | Radio Drama (1982) | Comedy, Sitcom

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Upwardly mobile Ben and Helen plan a holiday. Simon Brett sitcom starring Paula Wilcox and David Wood. From November 1982.

Unknown: Tammy Wynette
Written By: Simon Brett
Producer: Pete Atkin
Helen: Paula Wllcox
Ben: And David Wood
The Quality of: Life With
Mrs Kelly: Pat Heywood
Alastair: Bruce Alexander
Perpetua: Patience Tomlinson

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12 Responses

  1. gary kidd says:

    Really enjoyed this thank you for uploading

  2. Lorraine Phillips says:

    I enjoyed every one of these very much, thankyou so much for posting. 🙂

  3. Nick Booth says:

    The one with Arthur English in it was funny. The one about the Indian takeaway very dated and bordering on racist. The insurance one, very boring.

  4. WhippetOut says:

    Paula Wilcox, Pat Heywood, David Wood and Arthur English. Pure class and really enjoyable. Thanks, Jamie.

  5. james carr says:

    Thank you

  6. Bald Brown Knitter says:

    Funnily enough while driving through town today I thought how “souless“ it all was. A myriad of new, shiny apartments packed so tightly together I got an urgent sense of claustrophobia. I understand the need for modernisation and housing but it's still shame to see buildings with depth/substance disappearing.

    "Preserve the character of the house, keep any nice period features".

    Anyhoo, I enjoyed listening Jamie.

  7. scortesi says:

    I am into Simon Brett for the mo…Thanks and Happy new Year

  8. Sandra Naylor says:

    Well written ,enjoyed the different stories

  9. Jack McDee says:

    Thank you! Simon Brett is my modern day favourite writer.

  10. Sam Richards says:

    Loved this one, nice and light, love Paula Wilcox (I'm old enough to remember her in Man About the House). Thank you Jamie. I am pleased to say I go to bed with you most nights. Very enjoyable.

  11. 18dryad says:

    loved it. light, funny, and the wonderful actors pat heywood and arthur english . thank you.

  12. Julián Acuña says:

    As an occasional DIY guy myself and also having to deal with 'proper' tradesmen, this episode made me laugh a lot. Thanks for uploading.

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