Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s Biography | Documentary | Ironman of India | Biographies of Legends

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The Forth Episode of “Bharat ka Vikas”. The Tale of Ironman.
This is the story of the Legend who United India. The sacrifice of Great Indian Politician.

“There is something unique in this soil, which despite many obstacles has always remained the abode of great souls”.

By Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Directed By : Aman Rajiv Sharma
Voice Over : Saif Ahmed
Written By : Aman Rajiv Sharma
Editor : Aman Rajiv Sharma
Sound Recordist : Jitendar Sasson
Produced By : Aman Rajiv Sharma
Production House : Magical Reels Productions

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35 Responses

  1. Santosh Sharma says:

    Beautiful Biography

  2. saikat bhadra says:

    Jai hind

  3. mohammad parvej says:


  4. Dixey Patel says:

    Jay sardar

  5. coc rocks coc rocks says:

    jai India

  6. Umang Kalola says:


  7. Ranjan Biswas says:

    vharat mata ki jai…

  8. arshad ayan says:


  9. Dipak Basu says:

    India's maharajas and nawabs had treaties with the British crown. Lord Mountbatten was the cousin of the King and he requested all the maharajas and nawab to join India. Patel had nothing to do with them as they would have no regard for Patel. When the Nawab of Hyderabad refused to join India, Indian army with General Jayanta Chowdhury went there to fight with the Razakars. Lord Mountbatten as the Supreme Commander of the Army gave that order. He could have refused it as he did in the case of Kashmir.
    Thus, it is total misinterpretation of history to glorify this Gujarati, who along with another Gujarati was responsible for the partition of India.

  10. RaHuL SaKeT says:

    Sir all great leader ki biography bananiye

  11. 1st CITIZEN says:

    Hardick patel ka b statue honachayae abb next

  12. shaik shijal says:

    Gud information

  13. Apk Fun says:

    nice explain

  14. Binod Narayan Sethi says:

    China, Japan and South Korea etc. countries could know the value of an Indian eminent personality but itself Indians ignored him as a garbage. Even overthrown his birth place and nativity to Nepal planting fabricated history to decline Buddhism in India. It is shame to India both Japan and China dedicated their tallest idol to Indian eminent Buddha where itself India never had respect for Buddha but had a competition with their Buddha idol for a 19th century political entity. lol Stupid Indian news channels shouts like India won China and Japan making a tallest idol more than them. This is the height of Stupidity of Indian politicians and Indian media. Its the difference between mindset of Indian politicians/theopoliticians and them……Indian BJP political party's history starts from their favorite time lines and favorite historic characters they like. lol Sardar patel never tried to stop partition of India. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was willing to give Kashmir to Pakistan. BJP hacked glory of Congress icon Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for their political agenda. If it was history and unification of demography then, there are lot of characters in the past who had united the demography and ruled more than present federal India. When stupids rules this kind of results expected from them.This Statue even made by China though frame only made by India. lol China believes Mao Zedong is a highest political entity who had strengthened the Republic of China but they did not make his highest statute; but made statue of Buddha who was an Indian, but Stupid Indian politicians did not make their own eminent personality's statue of Buddha but made a specific political character which belongs to current PM's State. BTW Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had given tasks to collect consents of kings for making federal India from the political commands; it was not by his own or individual or collective revolution; he had no role to unite India as an one man revolution. Any body had given to that task had been accomplished by that man. It was an opportunity that task had given to him. Plz refer to these articles.

  15. Shyamsundar Rai says:

    great biography happy bady iron man of india

  16. Sonu gujjar Jsb says:


  17. BINOD MAJHI says:

    Jai hind Jai Bharat

  18. 8722134121 Shivkumar says:

    Jai Hind

  19. Raj Patidar says:


  20. Avinash Kumar says:

    Jai hind jai sardar

  21. BIPUL ROY says:

    Jai hind

  22. Gelabhai Patel says:


  23. on joking says:

    I proud of Indian

  24. UV Dab says:

    Nice Intro And Video

  25. Raj Kumar says:

    Jai hind Jai bharat

  26. Aniket Singh Rajput says:

    Iron man of India sardar valubbhai Patel

  27. Dhruvin Patel says:

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  28. Relaxing Music says:

    awesome details man … !! great work !!

  29. viral facts says:

    Gandi our Nehru unki soch o my god

  30. Pratap Sagathiya Ambedkarwadi says:

    गौतम बुद्ध की मूर्ति बनाते तो पूरे विश्व के लोग देखने आते , पर अफसोस भारत मे मूर्ख अंध भक्तों की कभी नही है ।।

  31. superStar's superFan says:

    Awesome video Bhai

  32. Gulshan Singh says:

    Jai hind jai Hindustan

  33. debasis roy says:

    Thank you sir …jai hind

  34. Sagar Kumavat says:


  35. arbind kumar says:

    Jai sardar

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