Rothschild vs. Rockefeller

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Andrei Fursov (Андрей Фурсов) – Russian historian, sociologist, writer, organizer of science.

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  1. Fernando Fernández Vargas says:

    Brilliant, this Fursov. Brilliant. I wonder about the organisation and the extent of supranational entities and power groups beyond governments… So much valuable and true info is lost in the middle of conspiracy theories and noise…

  2. Here_We_Go_Again2 says:

    The "renewal" of the US Federal Reserve charter is a myth.
    It was renewed in perpetuity in 1927 by the McFadden Act.
    In 2004, the JP Morgan bank the Chase bank merged.
    (According to the video speaker, the Rothschild and
    Rockefeller banks)

    Business = Business.
    Businessmen who become friends, often do not share business
    interests; although the reverse is sometimes true. Their social circle
    (like ours) is limited to the people whom they know from school,
    clubs, professional association, churches and sometimes,
    parallel business endeavors.

    It was the "old money" in the USA (Astor's, Vanderbilt's,
    Aldrich's, Delano's, Roosevelt's and others) who were
    connected to the Rothschilds. Once the founders of
    these dynasties made their million$ the next generation
    went into banking to manage those million$.

    By the second half of the 1800's these people were the
    upper crust, so to speak. (The Astor's "arrived" sooner
    than the Vanderbilt's)

    The Rockefellers were "new money" in the late 1800's
    who were looked down upon by the old money dynasties
    (At least on a social level; the men did business together)

    After the US Civil war, it was the old money (like that of
    Winston Churchill's Mum, Jennie Jerome and Consuela
    Vanderbilt — who married the Spencer-Churchill brothers)
    who were well-entrenched with Europe. Their daughter's
    fortunes (dowries) propped up many of the great noble
    houses of Europe in the late 19th/early 20th century.

    The Rockefeller's, Bushes, L. Frank Baum's ("Wizard of
    Oz") father/grand-father, the Walker's, the Herbert's,
    Carnegie (steel) and others were just beginning to
    make their money in the mid-1800's.

    Some of these "upstarts" were employees of each other
    and may have worked for or owned businesses that were
    part of the upper-crust's (Vanderbilt's, investment

    John D. Rockefeller Jr. married Abigail Aldrich (one
    of the members of the old money crowd) He gave
    her a notebook to record her daily expenditures (like
    he, and his parents did — that is how frugal the
    Rockefellers were!) "Abby" threw it in the trash! … lol …

  3. Toni Kemppainen says:

    It's odd these familis would turn on eatchother. Before Mandela Effect (blank slate technology) they were the very best of friends. Books in history have turned such way, Britain ain't historically the sole creator of U.S.A. They we're powerfull allies before, just about ready to give Russia it's final demise. I'm happy it didn't turn out that way. It's amazing how much internal conflict the elites have in this system. It mirrors in normal peoples behaviors also. They're scared!

  4. JRGJRG says:

    His predictions from a few years ago did not pan out as far as the Federal Reserve is concerned and the expiration of their lease, but his other viewpoints are very interesting. I never would have understood a single word of this 40 years ago.

  5. Romana Volny says:

    Thank you for a very informative video. God bless you!

  6. wouter kellerman says:

    fascinating background information!

  7. AshabuKaf says:

    At last someone who explains the truth, you can't find many people discussing the war between Rothschild and Rockefeller, their disinfo agents all over the internet draw a picture like there is one single pyramid and a "illuminati" and they mix everything and they accuse only one family at a time. Actually there are 2 pyramids of crypto jews: Knights Templar (Rockefeller) and Teutonic Order (Rothschild)

  8. PunchFor Pound says:

    is this from a russian tv station, or does he just have an internet show, or what. where is this from please.

  9. von Quichote says:

    Accurate analysis. Thanks !

  10. Svarog Rossia says:

    federal reserve system   from    1913

  11. ulaghchi says:

    Thieves were jailed under Joseph Stalin:

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