Road To The NHL Winter Classic Episode 3

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The season finale culminates with the Bruins and Blackhawks skating outdoors at Notre Dame Stadium in the 2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic

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20 Responses

  1. mxamiss5 says:

    Class act by Kuraly for passing the game puck to Bergeron.

  2. Nice Lamp says:

    21:05 wtf is happening here

  3. Nice Lamp says:

    Being the Chicago Blackhawks is how you make it to the winter classic

  4. ayy_zaloga says:

    So cool that Seabrook and Keith’s kids are bff’s

  5. Derek Wolff says:

    I'm a huge Hawks fans but props to the Bruins for the Peaky Blinders look. Awesome, underrated show.

  6. sccrdude22 says:

    Goalies have worn the hat on top of the helmet during the game but I don’t think a goalie has worn sunglasses during an outdoor game

  7. bingo_fuel says:

    so we're not gonna talk about how awesome bruce cassidy looked in that hat?

  8. King Carson says:

    Hawks practice everyone comes bruins practice no people come beside family LOL

  9. Maya Lauzon says:

    Pasted and March look like special needs kids who take down 1's with their retarded half drunk game

  10. Josh Plumridge says:

    Also do you think Pierre McGuire introduces his wife at dinner as "Shirley from the Mississauga Spitfires, class of '76, slightly above average GPA, Decent backhand"?

  11. Josh Plumridge says:

    We can make fun of whoever for talking to their players like children, but the real question is: what are the coaches saying that someone else couldn't say? What is the value they bring compared to someone with intelligence (or even not!) but no hockey experience? Perhaps they just keep the good advice secret, away from the TV cameras, but besides occasionally saying, watch out for the D pinching, almost everything they say is so bland and obvious that it's almost like it wasn't said at all. Which is fine, except they get paid millions of dollars.

  12. YDKM Gaming says:

    Jesus this whole thing is about the Bruins.

  13. theslowevo says:

    Sell the creative rights back to HBO.

  14. Vojtěch Dvořák says:

    12:00 "Tak určitě, mám tady dobrý spoluhráče" 😀

  15. Mione134 says:

    Once the B's showed up to the gane dressed as The Peaky Blinders, it was over. They were ready!

  16. Sebastian Heß says:

    The First Song. What's the name??

  17. Anon Vids says:

    Fantastic narrating

  18. ApeHead says:

    Is Liev Schreiber the narrator?

  19. Alex The Fortnite Tryhard says:

    Chicago’s the better team. All Boston does is give the Bergeron Marchand and pastranak line 50 minute shifts. Suprised they haven’t fainted yet.

  20. Leonel Lomas says:

    I went to the one last year at Citi Field. Cold as hell but I encourage every hockey fan out there to get to at least one winter classic game. The atmosphere is indescribable.

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